VoIP Billing

VoIP Billing Solution

VoIP billing and management solutions are the wisest choices for several providers looking for reliability and carrier grade performance by providing various services. This may include comprehensive call rates, offer flexible call plans, billing for call usage, prepaid and postpaid VoIP services to get the maximum business fluidity. As the need for voice traffic shoots up, Telcos are searching for alternative means to accommodate the need and service providers to enlarge their leverage and service offering using available network resources.

About VoIP Billing Solution

VoIP billing solution not only needs improvising the system with a carrier or providers, but also needs improvement within the billing system. At iNextrix, we offer services such as the creation and classification for improving the in-house service; posting CDRs from different resources and forwarding invoices to end customers. The iNextrix VoIP billing solution lets service providers to effectively manage and properly bill the VoIP usage. At iNextrix, we offer VoIP fraud management solutions and leakage free rating options. With the help of rating capabilities and authentication, iNextrix VoIP billing solution permits Internet Telephony Service Providers to exploit the most from their giveaways while securing worthy revenue sources through its fraud management, revenue assurance facility and leakage free CDR rating. When it comes to the rating system, an innovative infrastructure is preferable than the traditional rating system. VoIP call providers can now yield a competitive rate plan conversion, which is up to 70% fewer price to handle with revenue leakages. Traditional LERG revenue conversion system has been renovated to a geography tree. Calling rates can be inserted anywhere in the geography tree. In addition, the company can configure the rate with any desired data. This can be calculated as per rate for a country or using individual long distance dialing patterns.

VoIP Billing Solution Key Features
UI management

List Item


Up to N number of sub resellers

Manage his own customers and sub resellers

Setup own rate groups and rates


Customers / Calling cards / Providers

Profile management

Payment gateway to recharge account

Invoice management

Caller id management

IP and SIP based authentication

Prepaid and postpaid


Personalize invoicing information for reseller

One time Tax Configuration

Paid / Unpaid marking for each invoice

Includes CDR charges, Subscription fees, DID charges and other type of post charges or package charges.

Configurable invoice date for each customer

Send email upon invoice generation


Call detail reports

Summary reports (display usage of prefix, ACD, MCD, profit, Billable seconds)

Live call report

Registered extensions report

Registered gateway report

Payment report

Export to csv


System configuration

Invoice configuration (Configure company name, address etc)

One time tax configuration

Email template

Rates and LCR

Least cost routing on carrier rates

Customer and carriers rates management

Option to define connect cost

Import and export feature

Batch update for easy bulk rates updation

Force routing configuration in customer rates

Carrier failover

DID Management

Configure DIDs and route call to defined destination

Bulk import and export to csv feature

Batch update

Options to route call to local destination, pstn or any other

Define different type of costs like per minute cost, setup cost, connect cost, monthly cost etc

Limit number of channels

DID purchase and release option for resellers and customers

Carrier Billing

Configure multiple providers

Setup Carriers under providers

Configure interconnect between providers to get more revenue


Balance api

Rates api

More apis will be coming in near future.

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