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Voice Broadcasting Solution

Instantly connect with your audience without taking a toll on your team’s productivity.

Effectively convey the message to the mass audience and increase your reach rate by up to 80% with a powerful call broadcasting solution.

A feature rich voice broadcasting system will let you reach your customers, leads, voters, employees, and other audiences effortlessly and efficiently. You don’t need to be stressed out about occupying existing staff as the whole process of calling and playing a voice message over a call to the audience is automated.

Best Voice Broadcasting Service

In this time-compressed world, people don’t have time for long conversations, but they would be interested in listening to important notifications and messages. The call broadcasting software lets you achieve exactly the same. At your fingertips, you can send your announcements, alerts, notifications, offers, and more to the targeted audience.

Our feature rich voice broadcasting system not only lets you play the message, but also lets you engage the audience. You can configure a voice broadcast campaign to grab feedback from the customers. The extensive reports and other insights let you gauge the success of your call broadcasting campaigns. An easy to use layout of the system and web based app access make it a treat to use for any tech-savvy or non-tech-savvy business. Make your communication faster and more engaging with this best voice broadcasting software.

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Major Features of Automated Voice Broadcasting

Our extensive features help you run your call broadcasting campaigns with ease, speed, and accuracy and achieve the desired output.

Create tenants to run a business as a voice broadcasting service provider with this multi tenant solution and enjoy high returns.

With an easy to use interface and a web app, configure the settings to send immediately or schedule your call broadcasting campaign with ease.

Upload your voice prompts to run an interactive voice broadcast campaign. Play the file before you use it to double check the accuracy.

Engage your audience with an interactive voice response system to prompt them to take the survey or any other steps and increase results.

Not only play the message, but also capture the response of the audience with an interactive call broadcasting campaign to make it more valuable.

Depending on your hardware and call channels, decide how many calls you want to send in parallel to automate yet control your campaigns.

Selective call recording for the campaigns or certain calls lets you control how you want to record calls and keep the voice logging files.

Save your resources even if it is an automated campaign by detecting answering machines and retrying the number to reach humans.

Get a complete insight into all your campaigns to check the reach, engagement, success, failure, and other parameters of the campaigns.

Simplified use of a Powerful Call Broadcasting Solution

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Add contact details

If you have not already saved the contact details in the voice broadcasting software, the first step is to upload or import these details. All mandatory information has to be added to each record such as name and phone number.


Record a voice message/ upload an audio file

You can either record a voice prompt using a high quality microphone or you can upload an audio prompt in WAV or MP3 file format. This voice prompt will be used to run your call broadcasting campaign for the selected audience.


Define the campaign and hit send

The last step is to define a few values in the campaigns such as immediate send or schedule send, concurrent calls, etc. and you are all set. Simply click on the send or schedule and the campaign will reach the target audience at the right time.

If you need custom voice broadcasting software, we have an expert team

that provides custom development services.

Major Utilities of a Voice Broadcasting Solution

A call broadcasting system is a general purpose solution and can be used in a variety of applications for different use cases. Some of the major use cases are brand awareness, political campaigns, sending notifications, alerts, announcements, reminding appointments, horning promotional codes and offers, communicating with clients and employees, and collecting survey results and feedback.


Having any queries or questions related to the use of a Voice Broadcasting Solution ? Here are the expert answers.

Our system is developed to support as many or as few parallel and total calls as you want. It does not have any software side limitations.

Our system provides a complete detailed report at the end of the campaign. It will show all details, including the contacts that are connected, not connected, the reason for not connecting with the contacts such as busy, number of retries to connect with a lead, and more.

We define your requirements such as features you need, the technology preference if you have any, and other details to define the type of call broadcasting system you need. Using this information, our team will define a proposal for your acceptance. Upon acceptance, as per the proposal, the system will be developed and deployed for you.

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