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Redefine your growth strategy with our intuitive, high quality, and high performance frontend and backend web development services.

Web Development: Select the Right Web Development Partner for Rapid Growth

Your website and web app will make the first interaction with your customers. Thus, it has to be nothing less than the best. Frontend development will define the intuitive user interface and rigorous backend development will build a durable functionality for backend of your web apps, online stores, and websites.

Web Development Services

We offer full stack web development services to provide you end to end web solutions. Whether you want to build a simple business website to make the first interaction with your future clients or if you want to develop an intricate web application with a simplified frontend, our web development team of experts can do the job with utmost quality using Agile methodology.

Our extensive experience and versatility in web app development put our company in the position of the top web development company India. We offer tailored website and web app development services with our highly qualified and veteran team of frontend development experts and backend development specialists. We are renowned for our secure, timely, intuitive, and high performing web development services.

Our Expertise in Web Development

Why Inextrix ?


There is no standard answer you can find for this question as there are various elements, your aspirations and demands included in building a website. Even if someone provides you a one-fit all cost for website development, then there can be something dicey and you better look for other web development companies.

Website development cost gets defined based on the analysis of your requirement and other aspects. For example, if you also need frontend development along with web development, it would cost higher compared to using a readymade template. Likewise, building a static website is cheaper than dynamic website development. So, let’s connect to discuss your web development needs to define the exact cost. Contact us for more details.

We offer a complete web solution to our clients along with independent services. Following is our web development service list, which can be availed as a complete web solution or independent services:

– Backend development

– Frontend development

– Website development

– Web app development

– Website design

– Website maintenance

– Content writing

– Digital marketing

We work on all major web development technologies such as:

– WordPress


– Laravel


– CodeIgniter

– NodeJS

– ExpressJS

– ReactJS

– Angular

– Typescript

– JavaScript

Yes, definitely you can with right technology expertise. If you know how to make customization in your website based on the selected or proposed web development technology, you can make changes. Making changes in content will be anyways easy with intuitive user interface developed by our web development experts. You will also receive a code and credentials to use your website and make the required changes.

Are you interested in accelerating your business growth using the best tech talent and stack to develop reliable websites and web apps?

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