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Audio and Video Conferencing Solution

Reduce travel expenses, increase productivity, and add the convenience of working remotely for

your team and partners with a feature rich audio and video conferencing solution.

A comprehensive conferencing platform enables teleconferencing and video conferencing to let you leverage the advantages of digitized collaboration and a green environment altogether.

Businesses have crossed restrictions of borders. Businesses not only have international customers, but they also have cross border employees. In addition to that, several businesses have adopted the reseller model to boost their growth rate. It becomes impossible to bring everyone under one roof, but it is possible to have seamless and reliable communication with a conferencing solution. Our audio, video, and web conferencing solution helps you maximize the power of collaboration. Crystal clear voice quality and high definition video make these conferencing solutions perfect for any organization. This audio and video conferencing solution offers value added advantages and helps you maximize returns and resource utilization. You can also contribute to a green environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Best Audio and Visual Video Conferencing Solution Provider Company

Business conferencing has been one of the vital communication needs of enterprises for ages, which is fulfilled by the top conferencing solutions. With multiple other dynamics, the need and demand for remote teleconferencing and video conferencing have spiked. We, being one of the best audio and video conferencing solution provider companies, have been offering the top conferencing solutions with customized features. Using our audio and video conferencing software two or more professionals can connect with their peers to have remote discussions to keep business going on.

An audio conferencing solution lets peers connect to a conference with or without the internet. This gives the flexibility of joining a call and participating in business discussions even when access to the internet or system is limited or restricted. The video conferencing solution provides an experience like a physical meeting and it is perfect to have face to face conversations, which are necessary for several business events. To demonstrate a product, to give training to clients, to have a boardroom meeting, and for other similar use cases, it is necessary to use a video conferencing solution. Our audio and video conferencing solutions cover all business use cases and needs. We also provide customization and custom development to meet personalized business needs with our experience as the top conferencing solution company.

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Key Features of Audio Video Conferencing System:

Our audio and video conferencing platform is empowered with superior quality remote communication features to encourage flawless collaboration:


Audio conferencing
Video conferencing
Public chat during the conference
Private chat during the conference​
Save chat​
Clear chat history​
Conference canvas to draw or write during a conference
Shared notes
Mute all participants
Upload a presentation
Upload a PDF
Support keyboard shortcuts
Full screen conference
And more


Update profile​
Change status of availability
Raise hand and other reactions
Give presentation
Share screen​
Receive conference recording, chat, shared notes
And more​


Transfer or share moderation rights to another participant
Transfer presentation control to a participant
Remove participant from the conference
Enable / Disable
Application language
Font size adjustment
Screen sharing
Audio alert and popup when a participant joins
Audio alert and popup on a chat messages
Lock webcam sharing for participants
Lock microphone of participants
Share external video in the conference
Edit shared notes​
View webcams of participants
View other viewers in the user list
Send conference recording via email
Download conference recording
Download audio clips
Download chat
Download shared notes
And more

Roll based Features:

For each user role of the conferencing software, we have unique and standard features to offer.

Admin can control the access to the whole conferencing solution by granting and revoking feature access to the moderators.

Moderators can control the ongoing conferences and can even start and end the conference without the presence of the admin.

Depending on the controls given, the conference participants can interact during the conferences for higher engagement.

Guest participants may have limited access to the features, but they can still interact and engage based on the assigned features.

Key Benefits of Audio Video Conference

Our feature rich audio and video conferencing solutions are developed to eradicate all limitations caused due to geographical or time zone differences. It has several advantages to offer to businesses, enterprises, and peers.

Improves company culture

The conferencing solution provides a digitized means of collaboration, which improves the company culture and makes work life balance easier for all business peers.

Aids in capturing opportunities

No need to wait to visit customers and no constraint of staying on hold until the manager comes to the office. The conferencing solution provides a quick tool to collaborate.

Faster decision making

The conferencing solutions aid in making faster decisions as it is easy and quick to gather all decision makers or influencers in a meeting to have a decision making discussion.

Save resources

Reduce money and time getting spent traveling to meet different business agendas. Audio and video conferencing solutions save business resources for optimal use.

Keep digital logs

All conferences can be logged and even recorded for future references. From future training to dispute resolutions, these digital logs are useful in multiple ways.

Contribute to Mother Nature

By adopting the audio and video conferencing solution, your business can reduce carbon footprints and save the environment. Be a responsible business that gives back to earth.

If you are interested in building audio and/ or video conferencing

software from scratch, we are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

All usually asked questions are answered by our conferencing software development experts to help you find the right answers.

It is a technology platform developed to enable participants to collaborate in real time to have virtual meetings, conferences, etc. The conferencing solution can be an audio conferencing system or it can be a video conferencing solution. Both are developed using VoIP technologies, but they will have GUI based panels to use the system. This makes use of these solutions seamless and simplified.

We develop and deploy conferencing software solutions. Thus, we ensure to build the most scalable and robust technology to meet your conferencing needs. There is no upper limit from the software side. However, depending upon multiple other factors on your business side, there can be a limit to having concurrent calls in a conference. We can guide you further in a personalized call. Contact us for more details.

No, there is no compulsion for that. We offer both audio and video conferencing solutions. You can decide which conferencing system you want to use depending on your business needs. You can

even get custom features in your conferencing software because we also provide development services.

There are numerous use cases of this software and depending on your business model and peers, you can add more use cases. Some of the common use cases are listed below:

· Conducting regular meetings with teams

· Marketing and sales calls

· Live product launch

· Live demo of the product or service

· Customer support

· Customer relationship management or lead nurturing sessions

· Investor meeting

· Boardroom meeting

· And more

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