Seamless Connectivity with an Enterprise VoIP Solution

Designed to scale effortlessly with your business needs. Enjoy crystal clear voice quality, robust security, and unparalleled reliability in the enterprise VoIP solution.

What is Enterprise VoIP?

Enterprise VoIP solutions are state-of-the-art VoIP communication solutions that use digital channels to communicate via the Internet rather than using traditional telephone lines. It lets businesses access wide ranging, advanced communication features with superior call quality, reduced costs, and seamless scalability. VoIP enterprise solutions are perfect for businesses aiming for top tier communication. Moreover, it ensures reliable, high quality collaboration for teams everywhere.

Features of the Best Enterprise VoIP Phone System

The best enterprise VoIP solution is tailored to enhance global operations with reliable, scalable, and advanced communication, collaboration, and monitoring features. 

Audio Calling

Improve communication experience with high quality audio and advanced features for phone calls. Effective communication and productivity are assured. 

Audio and Video Meetings

Elevate collaboration and decision making processes by conducting audio and video meetings to connect teams and clients in real time while keeping controls in your hands.

Text Messaging

Send instant text messages to improve responsiveness and productivity. Keep everyone in the loop with quick, effective communication that enhances team coordination. 

Team Collaboration

Facilitate seamless team collaboration with integrated tools and features like sharing pictures, files, and more to exchange updates effortlessly, fostering a cohesive work environment.


Efficiently receive and manage voicemails right in your email inbox. Stay on top of important messages with features that allow easy access and organization.  

Call Recording

Record calls for training, compliance, and quality assurance at your fingertips. Access and review recordings anytime to enhance performance and maintain records. 

Reports and Insights

Gain valuable insights with detailed reports in real time. Track performance, identify trends, and make data driven decisions to optimize your communication strategy.


Revolutionize your document and fax distribution with our cutting-edge FoIP (Fax over internet protocol) solution—streamline, digitize, and elevate your faxing experience to the next level! 

Platform-Friendly Technology

Unlock the power of enterprise hosted VoIP—connect seamlessly from any device, anywhere, ensuring flexible and effective communication with our versatile solution.

Transform Business Communication with an Innovative Enterprise VoIP solution!

Boost your connectivity with impeccable voice quality, dynamic meeting experience, and integrated team collaboration tools. Our reliable, scalable solutions are crafted to enhance productivity and strengthen client relationships.

How Do Enterprise VoIP Solutions Differ from Standard Landlines?

Enterprise telephony solutions operate over the internet rather than PSTN lines. Thus, they provide more flexibility and advanced features compared to traditional landlines. Unlike landlines, VoIP integrates seamlessly with other digital communication tools, enhancing productivity and collaboration. Additionally, an enterprise VoIP solution offers scalability and cost efficiency, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. 

In contrast, standard landlines rely on physical phone lines, limiting mobility and expansion capabilities. Landlines lack the integration options and advanced functionalities that enterprise telephony solutions provide, such as video conferencing and real time messaging. Furthermore, maintaining landline infrastructure can be more costly and less adaptable to modern business needs. 

Advanced Features: VoIP enterprise solutions include features like video conferencing, voicemail to email, call forwarding, real time messaging, and integration with CRM systems. These tools streamline communication and enhance team collaboration, which are not possible with traditional landlines. 

Scalability and Cost Efficiency: VoIP for enterprise solutions easily scale to accommodate business growth. They also reduce costs associated with physical infrastructure and long distance calls, offering a more economical solution compared to landlines. 

The Benefits of Transitioning to Enterprise Telephony Solutions

Discover how VoIP enterprise solutions can transform your business communication. 

Enjoy higher uptime and reliability ensuring continuous communication 

Advanced features to augment the communication experience

Access the best enterprise VoIP phone system from anywhere 

Reduce costs with lower call rates and minimal infrastructure expenses

Drive productivity and collaboration with our tailored enterprise VoIP solution.

Compatible Devices for Enterprise Hosted VoIP Solutions

Unlock the versatility of enterprise hosted VoIP communication solutions with a wide range of compatible devices. This flexibility ensures you can connect and communicate effectively from virtually any device, anywhere. 

Why Partner with Us for Enterprise VoIP Solution?

Experience unparalleled service and innovation with our enterprise telephony solutions and related services. 

Expertise and Innovation

We bring 13+ years of experience and cutting edge technologies to ensure you get the best enterprise VoIP solution tailored to your needs. We continually innovate to provide advanced features and seamless integration, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Continuous innovation
  • Tailored solutions
Comprehensive Support

We offer proactive customer support to ensure your enterprise VoIP solutions are always running smoothly. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist with any issues or questions, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

  • On-demand support
  • Dedicated assistancet
  • Minimal downtime
Scalability and Flexibility

Our VoIP enterprise solutions are designed to grow with your business. Easily add or remove users, adjust features, and scale your communication system to meet evolving business demands without hassle. Moreover, build custom features to meet unique needs.

  • Easy scalability
  • Flexible features
  • Adaptable systems

What Our Client Say

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"We were looking for a reliable IP PBX solution as our conventional system had a lot of limitations. I’m happy with the solution and service provided by Inextrix. They gave us scalable IP PBX software and also integrated our CRM system and automated billing solution. This system increased productivity and ROI significantly."

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Naman Tahir

Vice President, 8com inc

" Amazing group of guys to work with. After the quality of work I saw in the first project completed, we have decided to move all our development over to Inextrix. All work was completed on time and as expected. Would not think twice to recommend these guys."

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Jaco Jacobs


" Hi, I just wanted to send you guys a quick message on how great its been working with you guys on our voip development needs, in the last 3-4 years, you have been very responsive and always care about delivering the work as much as we do. Im very impressed with the high level of talent that you guys have and am grateful that I could find such dependable voip professionals that always do what they say they will. take care -Albert"

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Albert Montgomery


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Frequently Asked Questions

Enhanced features like call routing, recording, and analytics improve customer service efficiency and satisfaction. These tools enable quick response times, better call management, and insightful data for continuous improvement. 

No, our enterprise telephony solutions are scalable and can accommodate any number of users as your business grows. This flexibility allows you to add or remove users without significant changes to the system. However, if you are using an enterprise hosted VoIP solution, then the number of users might be restricted based on the package you have subscribed to.

No, we provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees, ensuring you know exactly what you are paying for. 

Yes, you can port your existing phone numbers to our best enterprise VoIP solution without any hassle. This process is straightforward and ensures there is no interruption to your communication channels. 

Setup typically takes a few hours to a few days, depending on the complexity and size of your system.