Calling Card Solution

Run a high profit making VoIP business with an evergreen solution to provide callback and PINless dialing services with a feature rich calling card solution.

Expand your revenue generating streams by jumping into the ever-blossoming business of international calling with a power packed and feature rich VoIP calling card solution

An increasing number of international travelers has also amplified the demand for reliable and cheap calling solutions. Convenience in communication along with mobility has become the prime apprehension of the users. Our calling card solution facilitates VoIP service providers to meet the increasing demand for quality and affordable communication tools. It does not need customers to install any software or app or force the recipient to have the same software to attend the call. The calling card software based communication empowers customers to make SIP to SIP and SIP to PRI calls seamlessly as they are using their own default phone app.


Calling Card Solution Provider Company

We have an adroit team that holds a vast understanding of the calling card business, whether it is a hosted calling card system or building an open source calling card software solution. We can fulfill all your business needs to run a growing and profit making calling card business. Our intuitive software design makes the management of DID numbers, vouchers, recharge, PIN authentication, etc. simplified. You will not need to invest in learning the technicalities of VoIP or calling card software and still you can manage a full fledged calling card business with our software.

As we recognize that the calling card business has a huge potential and it is ever flourishing, we have added support for multiple currencies and a multilingual platform. This lets you expand your business wings in all global territories. The integrated VoIP billing system for the VoIP calling card platform will automate the invoicing and billing, as well as, all major jobs related to payment processing to make your business processes stress free. Managing an international VoIP calling and callback service business could never be as easy as it is with our software.

Key Features

We have catered to small to large scaled calling card businesses with a prevailing calling card system
and tailored features and integrations.
Bulk creation of calling cards
PINless and PIN authenticated cards
Calling card access number configuration
Caller ID authentication
Customizable introduction and greeting prompts
Dialed destination IVR
Multilingual support
Multiple payment gateway support
Enable/ disable playback messages
Call recording
Call detail reports
Custom features

Provide cost-effective calling options to your users with our feature-rich Calling Card Solution.

Key Benefits

The best VoIP calling card software is designed to provide comprehensive features and meet the shifting demands of communication by tourists, corporate professionals, and students with excellent advantages.

Low rates of international calling

Calling card uses a SIP based calling mechanism, which considerably reduces calling expenses without affecting the customer experience. International calling can never be cheaper than this.

No hassle of managing software/ app

The calling card system follows the mechanism of SIM cards. Thus, users don’t need to set up or manage any additional software or apps or use devices like IP phones.

Excellent quality of the call

Due to increasing technology reach and the invention of telecom trends like 5G, AI, etc., the quality of calls and service introduced with this tool has surpassed the bar of excellence.

Flexibility of mobility

Enjoy the flexibility of mobility with the best international communication tool. Make calls from anywhere, at any time at cheaper rates with a reliable calling card tool.

Simplified management

The VoIP service providers can make management of all entities, customers to DID numbers, and more with a GUI based web application with a few clicks and taps.

Growing revenue generation

A full fledged reseller module and automated billing let you focus on business expansion in full swing along with delivering exceptional customer experience.

Simplify international calling for your customers with our efficient Calling Card Solution.

Why to Choose Us for Your Calling Card Solution?

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Frequently Asked Questions

All commonly asked questions in regard to the calling card systems are answered by our veteran team for you.
If you are an end user of a calling card, then there is a straight answer, yes just go for it. It reduces the hassle to 0% and increases the benefits up to 150% with its amazing features and lower calling rates. If you are a service provider, then also the answer is yes because of the increasing market of international travelers. From students that travel and settle abroad for studies to corporate professionals and businessmen that often travel to international destinations for business purposes contribute to the skyrocketing business of calling cards. Even leisure travelers have increased who need callback and PINless calling services.

It is one of the most versatile calling mechanisms and tools available in the VoIP communication industry. It supports the following types of calls:

· Phone to PC

· PC to PC

· Phone to phone

· IP phone to phone and

· IP device to phone

That is a subjective question and the answer varies depending on various factors. If you have technical knowledge of the VoIP industry and have certain preferences like Asterisk development or FreeSWITCH development, we can meet your needs. On the other hand, we also provide a free consultation to select the best VoIP development technology to meet your business needs with our years of experience in the calling card business and VoIP industry.