Backend Development Services

Seize Untapped Opportunities by Elevating Your App Performance with World Class Backend Development Services.

Augment returns with improved server side operations, reinforced security, and optimized workflow backed by bleeding-edge technologies, the best industry standard, and revolutionary tech leaders bringing the best to the table.

What is Back End Development?

It is the practice of developing server side applications to deliver high performing, secure, and swift functionalities that elevate overall customer satisfaction and other benefits. Backend development using Python, NodeJS, and other cutting edge technologies create a bridge between frontend and backend to streamline interaction between the database and other applications for delivering optimal performance and managing operations seamlessly. 

Our back end development company specializes in unfolding the potential of server side applications to bring out the best value of your backend solutions and applications. 

Backend Development Services

Backend Development Services to Amplify Growth and Scalability

As a leading backend web development company, we focus on developing high value backend solutions and applications. Our experienced and vetted developers ensure seamless server side operations and efficient data processing with reliable connection between frontend and backend for swift operations. 

With established domain expertise in building complex server side codes and libraries, optimizing performance, managing architectural uniformity, and balancing data processing, we take pride in offering a one-stop solution for all your back end development requirements. 

We are renowned for building flawless, high performing, and scalable applications with optimized server side functionality that can deliver transformative advantages to your business. Let us build sustainable and high performing backend for your web and mobile solutions to empower your business and growth. 

Use of the best technology stack using Python and Nodejs for backend development 

Passion and proficiency for building the best server side applications that exceed expectations 

We offer a range of services covering of back end development for:

Web application 


Custom solution



And more 

Are you interested in building reliable back end solutions to nurture your client relations?

Our backend development services aim to provide much more than mere database and server interconnection to perform different operational jobs. We help organizations build a positive customer experience and outperform competitors. 

Backend Development Process

Backend Development Process1
Backend Development Process2
Build a Collaborative Approach

After examining your expectations and needs with rounds of detailed discussions, our team will create a meticulous plan along with a proposed engagement model that can maximize your returns. The quick and hassle-free onboarding will get your project started effortlessly. 

Design, Development, and Integration

Our backend developers will perform the core job of designing high level architecture, database schema, cloud infrastructure, and more; followed by logic implementation and required integrations to build a comprehensive, robust, secure, and scalable backend solution. 

Connect to Frontend and Technical Support

On completion of back end development, we connect it with front-end solutions to build a comprehensive platform that caters to clients. Furthermore, we provide the required technical support and maintenance services on an ongoing basis. 

Stack of technologies used for back end development


Are you seeking a reliable partner for building a powerful backend solution?

Level Up Efficiency with, Robust Backend Solutions

Our cherry-picked backend developers are highly proficient in building enduring and high performance server side solutions. Our company is renowned for offering all-inclusive back end development offerings for mobile, desktop, web, AI, AR/VR, and IoT solutions. Our goal is to build products that secure a stable market position and deliver a steady return on investment from the onset. 

We ensure resilient, robust, secure, and highly accessible back-end solutions that align with your business goals and market trends. Choose the optimal cooperation model for a smooth and convenient association. We specialize in developing backend solutions, offering services ranging from custom backend layers to enterprise software integration and system modernization, addressing diverse tech needs across various business domains. 

Cherry Picked Tech Stack 

Reinforced Cybersecurity 

High Availability 

Exceptional Scalability 

We're Your One-Stop Back End Web Development Company. Here's Why

Why Choose Us?

Top reasons to choose us as your development partner for Front End Development   projects

Develop High-level Architecture

Precise outlining of structure, painstaking component selection, consolidated security measurements, and other strategic decisions are taken to design robust system architecture.

  • Expert team
  • Detailed discussions
  • Flexible approach
Design Cloud Infrastructure

We help you harness the advantages of using cloud platforms by building the most flexible infrastructural components that can optimize storage and performance in your favor.

  • Right cloud platform selection
  • Strategic approach
  • Achieve high scalability
Design Database Schema

We invest resources in understanding your project to build the most sustainable and robust database schema that can meet your long term goals and support platform scalability seamlessly.

  • Highly structured database
  • Optimized data integrity
  • Remarkable data security

What Our Client Say

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"We were looking for a reliable IP PBX solution as our conventional system had a lot of limitations. I’m happy with the solution and service provided by Inextrix. They gave us scalable IP PBX software and also integrated our CRM system and automated billing solution. This system increased productivity and ROI significantly."

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Naman Tahir

Vice President, 8com inc

" Amazing group of guys to work with. After the quality of work I saw in the first project completed, we have decided to move all our development over to Inextrix. All work was completed on time and as expected. Would not think twice to recommend these guys."

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Jaco Jacobs


" Hi, I just wanted to send you guys a quick message on how great its been working with you guys on our voip development needs, in the last 3-4 years, you have been very responsive and always care about delivering the work as much as we do. Im very impressed with the high level of talent that you guys have and am grateful that I could find such dependable voip professionals that always do what they say they will. take care -Albert"

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Albert Montgomery


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Frequently Asked Questions

Backend development using Python and NodeJs is the process of developing server side functionalities that empower applications and web solutions or websites. This development process involves the development of software architecture, data structure, and servers that are responsible for storing data and processing them to perform various functions to deliver brilliant performance and smooth functioning. 

The top development companies and/or developers follow the best practices, industry guidelines, cutting edge technologies, and other types of assistance required to develop reliable and fault tolerant back end solutions for mobile, web, IoT, Blockchain, AI, and several other technology platforms.  Majorly, the aim of backend development services is to reduce processing and load time, increase resilience, enhance security, improve load balancing capabilities, and achieve other business or application specific goals. 

For several applications, it is indispensable to have an outstanding backend solution. There are several driving factors, that make it vital for a business such as: 

  • To manage data storage, retrieval, and processing 
  • To ensure efficient data management 
  • To effectively manage servers 
  • To achieve optimal application performance 
  • To seamlessly accommodate elevating data load and users 
  • To achieve faster application loading 
  • To keep sensitive information secured 
  • To protect applications from cyber attacks 
  • To manage seamless functioning between frontend and backend

It is the process of revamping the entire backend part of your application without interfering with the features of the front end. The aim of backend refactoring is to redefine architecture, database, APIs, and other server side components to reduce development efforts, infrastructural elements, and support costs, while simultaneously improving the quality of the code base. 

Backend refactoring improves application performance without intervening in the existing frontend, which results in huge cost savings and increased flexibility. 

Different technology stacks are available in the market and there is no one-fit-all language. For instance, backend development using Python can be better for some sort of solutions and for other Nodejs for backend development to deliver optimal performance. A highly experienced consultant or tech lead helps in selecting the right tech stack by considering different factors. 

We use NodeJS, Laravel, PHP, .Net, Java, Go, Solidity, Rust, Ruby on Rails, and Python for backend development.

  • India’s top 10% of backend development experts 
  • Highly diversified experience and expertise 
  • Time-zone friendly procedures and policies 
  • Tailored offerings 
  • Free detailed consulting 
  • On-time delivery 
  • Transparent processes 
  • Competitive rates 
  • Round the clock support 
  • Guaranteed value over money 

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