What is AP Faxer?

This module offers web2fax, email2fax and fax2email features. This will allow your customers to send and receive fax from the ASTPP customer portal only. It is fully integrated with accounting, rating and reporting modules of ASTPP.


Common features :

  • Email notifications of Success or Failed faxes
  • Email notifications on receiving fax
  • Fax rating based on assigned rate group same as calls
  • New fax “Call type” in CDR and Summary reports
  • Fax history with download fax file
  • Integrated with invoices
  • T38 Supported protocol
  • Supported documents to send as fax: .pdf, .tiff, .doc, .docx, .jpg

Web2Fax :

  • Web page access to create fax
  • Allow customer to set fax header
  • Allow Text or file upload option to send as fax
  • Display real time rates status on webpage (ie. If fax destination number prefix not allowed in your rate group then it will give you error)

Fax2Email :

  • Integrated fully with DID module
  • Customers will get new option in their purchased DID to forward fax to their predefined email address

Email2fax :

  • Very easy to use
  • Admin & resellers are allowed to configure 1 incoming fax email account
  • Service will read the emails on specific interval
  • Authentication by incoming email address (Customer account must be created with same incoming email address)

For more information go to www.astppbilling.org/addons/ap-faxer