Hello Everyone,
We are glad to release ASTPP new version v2.3 in such a short time with number of bug fixes and changes.

The list goes down here:

1. Resolved send mail issue
2. Updated Summary reports to display correct statistics
3. Resolved call disposition issue
4. Corrected prefix field validation in ACL module
5. Corrected company name field validation in accounts module
6. Resolved failover issue if primary trunk max channels are used
7. Resolved ACL list security issue in reseller login
8. Allowed to add range in ACL
9. Added one more failover gateway option
10. Limit Max calls / interval
11. Updated invoice and balance script
12. Remove duplicate dialing on trunk from LCR
13. Loader on dashboard
14. Improved CSS of Dashboard for better performance
15. Low credit notification
16. Customer my rates display with markup

We offer installation, training, support and customization services for ASTPP. Reach us on sales@inextrix.com for details.

To install v2.3:

# wget –no-check-certificate https://goo.gl/HjHXlF -O install.sh
# chmod +x install.sh
# ./install.sh

Upgrade steps:

# wget –no-check-certificate https://goo.gl/Whc9Vf -O update.sh
# chmod +x update.sh
# ./update.sh

In case if you find any issues, then please feel free to report in our bug tracker below:

Thank you everyone for your continuous support in ASTPP journey.

Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.