In this modern business world, knowing what your customer needs and how your team performs can help you devise a better growth strategy and achieve major milestones in business. There are multiple solutions made available by VoIP development companies and VoIP open source development companies that help businesses discover both important aspects. The call tracking software is one of the solutions that can be used to identify both of these important metrics and multiple other metrics, too. 

What is call tracking software?

This software lets supervisors listen to the previous call recordings and track major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). In the modern era, you can also find live call monitoring solutions that can help in tracking major KPIs in real-time by tracking the live calls. Thus, this software is available in even open source VoIP platforms.

This software shows major KPIs in reports, so supervisors don’t need to manually define and show KPIs. 

Key call tracking metrics:

The call tracking software helps in identifying and showing values of major KPIs to its users. Some of the major KPIs are as below:

1. Call volume

This call monitoring software shows the total number of incoming calls. Knowing call volume can help you with effective workforce optimization.

2. Call channel/ source of the calls

It is also known as referral traffic tracking. The software will show from which source the call is received. This can help in measuring the effectiveness of different marketing and sales campaigns to make a better marketing strategy and allocate the budget accordingly.

3. Call duration

This call monitoring solution tracks and shows the total duration of each call. It also shows the average call duration for all calls. This helps in defining the quality of service and the quality of the call. 

4. Calling trends

The call tracking system also shows the date, day, and time of each call. This helps in analyzing the calls and calling patterns. The businesses can identify busy hours of the day and busy days in the week. This helps in workforce optimization. Moreover, one can ensure that by analyzing the calling trends, a business can put the right number of resources and ensure high availability.

5. Dropped calls

This solution of call tracking also tracks the number of calls dropped before connecting with the agent. This also shows the average call dropped rate, which can help in identifying the loopholes in attending calls, so the team can be trained to attend calls more efficiently and the number of dropped calls can be reduced.

Concluding notes

Knowing how your customer care or sales team works is necessary to check the effectiveness and ROI of these teams and campaigns. The benefit of using a tracking solution for business calls helps in putting an automated system to track all calls and major KPIs. The VoIP development companies develop the best solutions to measure inbound and outbound calls, their source, and many other key performance indicators.

You can also use this software to provide call tracking services to businesses and generate revenue.

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