What is VoIP Billing?

There are so many service providers are doing billing based on the services they are providing to their customers. All the parameters are simple enough to charge a customer for the provided services. Billing solutions also provides many other features such as calling cards, least cost routing (LCR), did management, resellers management etc.

What is Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch?

In simple term, Class 4 softswitches route traffic between different Class 5 areas. One way to think about it is this: a Class 5 softswitch is a retail solution while a Class 4 softswitch is a wholesale solution.

A Class 5 softswitch route calls between end-users or consumer in proportion of small areas such as a city, town or even small state or country.

In contrast to a Class 5 softswitch, a Class 4 softswitch routes calls over long distances, such as between Russia and USA. The main function of the class 4 softswitch is the routing of large volumes of long distance VoIP calls.

We assume that you have basic idea about VoIP billing solution and based on that Now here I have defined some common types of testing which can be performed on VoIP billing solution.

1. Functional Testing:

      1. Test the audio quality of voice transfer during calls against set standards and video output.
      2. We can use tools like wireshark to monitor call traffic
      3. Register your sip device and make call to check it establish the call on destination number or not
      4. After disconnect call check it will deduct customer balance as per their rates or not
      5. Make the calls and verify cdrs report, it should show correct value of your call details
      6. Make some call and apply charge to customer after that verify it generate invoice as per their plan and account type (prepaid/postpaid) with correct amount
      7. Make call without balance in customer account and check it shouldn’t be establish the call
      8. Test deleted/inactive account can’t make call/register their device
      9. Make the call based on peak & off peak time and verify it apply correct charges or not
      10. Test the features like call transfer, conference are working or not
      11. Make call with low balance and check it hung-up the call when balance is goes to 0 or inactive the account
      12. Test call features like inbound, outbound & calling card are transfer call on proper destination or not

2. Security Testing:

      1. Customer should not be access without correct authentication
      2. Test your session/cookies doesn’t share confidential details on client side
      3. Verify that one account can’t be able to access someone’s account details
      4. Test call using tools which create SIP/IAX packet flooder
      5. Try to attempt call with incorrect details and check it will block your IP or not
      6. There are many kind of security attack should be happen like :- Caller ID spoofing, Denial of Service, Eavesdropping etc. For more details on those kind of attack, CLICK HERE

3. Performance Testing:

      1. Verify CPS (call per seconds) and Max channel capacity. Max channel means how many call should be establish/work at same time after that it will return busy conjunction
      2. Give stress on server using simultaneous call and check what impact comes on server
      3. Verify how much bandwidth it consume per call. Generally it’s depend on your server capability and codec which you used. Here is sample link of average bandwidth utilization
      4. We can perform call testing using tools like SIPp in Linux and StarTrinity in Windows
      5. Verify system response time when load is heavy
      6. One of the best article i found for Performance Testing.


Performance will be different based on your system internet speed and hardware configuration.

The VoIP Billing solutions are more demanding in market nowadays for one of best open source solution is ASTPP. Choice of testing strategy and techniques are depend on which type of action you have to perform. Above types/scenario will clear basic idea of VoIP testing with most common techniques.

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