Bootstrap is one of the programs that are most extensively used in the world of web design and web development nowadays. It is an open source front-end framework which can be developed with the effective use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This program has been developed by the Twitter team Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto as a highly flexible development platform that allows developers to work with both fixed, non-flexible functionalities as well as flexible, responsiveness features. More and more people are now choosing Bootstrap due to the distinct benefits that it offers. It is ideal for those who are looking for programs that help in responsive web development.

There are a number of reasons why Bootstrap has become so popular in terms of web development and design. Here are some of them discussed in brief.

  1. One of the most crucial benefits of choosing Bootstrap is that it is extremely user friendly. Since it is quite easy to use, people with little or no technical background can work with it and come up with great results. As a developer, one can work with the old CSS files or the LESS files and obtain the results and functions that he is looking for. Obviously, it is still a good idea to get in touch with a Bootstrap web development & design company as they can offer a range of quality expertise that ensures topnotch development results.
  2. The second most important reason for choosing Bootstrap is that it is highly customizable, which means that one can easily opt for a unique Bootstrap theme design and implement it in a project to create unique looking web and mobile sites. Being a flexible framework, it allows extensive customization on multiple levels, which allows the developers to decide on the features and functionalities that they want in their final website.
  3. Since most people choose to use their smartphones to browse through the websites, it is necessary to make the websites responsive. Bootstrap web design is always responsive which makes it convenient for people to create high quality responsive websites at pocket friendly prices.
  4. It is also easy to come up with highly functional Bootstrap website templates that allow developers to decide how the sites are going to operate under different circumstances. This extended scope of deciding on the various elements of the website encourages web developers to choose Bootstrap when they want to work with CSS or JavaScript.

Bootstrap is a highly flexible and user friendly web design and development platform that is used by developing companies to come up with excellent websites for the mobile and the web. Its superior features has garnered it widespread acclaim.