What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is an open source solution which provides facility to its users to use web browser as SIP client without using any softphone or IP phone. Know How To Integrate WebRTC with Vicidial with Some Simple Step.

Why to use WebRTC with Vicidial?

Now a days, people wants all functions to be operated in single software which they require. In traditional vicidial, agent need to use softphone or IP phone to talk with their customer and also web browser to control calling, view customer information etc. That is quite complex for the agent. By using this, we can reduce that overhead by converting web browser itself into SIP client.

Major benefits of using WebRTC with Vicidial

  • No need of additional softphone or IP phone – which will remove complexity in their dialing experience and also reduce softphone / IP phone cost.
  • Auto registering & answering the agent line – Agent does not need to remember registering softphone/IP phone before logging into agent portal, also does not need to answer the usual incoming call which they get while logging into the portal.
  • Time saving & increasing accuracy, so overall increase profitability.

Steps to integrate webRTC with Vicidial

  1. Install openssl certificate
  2. Put WebRTC library in agent portal source
  3. Asterisk configuration to enable webRTC and loading openssl certificate
  4. Configure Webphone URL & Websocket URL
  5. Enable Web phone
  6. Add ssl configuration
  7. Configure firewall

Simple enough, right?

Inextrix is having ready made library and has benefited many customers with such setup. Moreover, our skilled engineers are always available to help you out in integrating WebRTC with your existing or new vicidial setup.

To know, how it can benefit to you? Please Contact Us now.

Note: VICIdial is trademark of VICIdial group, Inextrix is not associated with VICIdial directly.