Already many businesses, including small to large scaled enterprises, have adopted DevOps to boost their performance and productivity. DevOps services help software development and other technology companies to become a stronger and more streamlined version of themselves by implementing clear coordination between development and operational teams. The major advantage of the adoption of DevOps is augmenting results and returns with automation. However, companies that are interested in making a switch to this innovative development methodology often find it challenging due to several hindrances lurking from the corners. To stay competitive, it has become necessary for technology companies such as mobile app development companies in India to adopt DevOps.

We are a leading DevOps development company that has been benefiting businesses for years by leveraging the power of this development model efficiently. We have also helped companies to make a switch by adopting DevOps with our consultation services. Based on our experience, we have made a list of major hindrances faced by technology companies like frontend development companies in India and abroad. We have shared these common challenges along with the best approaches to overcome these challenges in this blog post.

DevOps Services Adoption: Overcoming the Challenges

1. Lack of knowledge

DevOps is the process of implementing a more streamlined approach between the development team and other departments in a web development company or any other company. As the company has been operating for some years, there would be a development cycle or approach to follow. However, the lags in the situation or areas that exhaust the resources without giving expected returns create a need to switch to DevOps.

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As everyone in the company, from management to developers, testers, deployment teams, etc., is used to along with the existing approach, tools, and other components, it becomes a major challenge for them to accept that they need a change. In many cases, everyone has identified this need to change, but still, there is resistance to getting started with the process of switching to the modernized way of development.


It is quite straightforward to identify a need to use this more modernized approach for development. DevOps is not a never seen before and completely new approach in the industry as it has been in existence for many years, but for a company that has never used this strategy, it is difficult to make a switch and complete the adoption. However, there are several DevOps experts that can provide consultation or any other required service to help you complete the adoption process. Using this service will save time in learning and implementing the stated model to augment the development and other processes.

2. Attitude of development versus operations

With a traditional approach and mindset, in all web and mobile app development companies in India, the USA, the UK, and other developing countries, there is always a cold war between development and operational teams. Both teams consider that they are trying their level best to improve the overall performance, but the other team is either not supporting or lacking the required understanding. In some companies, this cold war is so evident that both teams keep on throwing arguments and blame rather than focusing on the bottom line, which is working as a team to enhance performance. In a technology company, development and operational teams need to break the silos and accept that they are working towards a common goal. That is why they have to work in perfect harmony to bring the best to the table. DevOps is an approach that is fundamentally founded to overcome this real challenge of the attitude of teams in a technology company. This is, in fact, the major reason to change and also the biggest challenge for adoption.


The solution here is to define a clear vision and mission statement for the company and make it a baseline for all team members. The management can help teams understand the importance of each employee and model in the company. Moreover, when a DevOps company chips in to help you adopt this new model, each team member puts 100% effort into open mindedly learning and adopting this new way of development and integration. To adopt the real essence of DevOps, which is CD/CD/CI (Continuous Development/ Continuous Delivery/ Continuous Integration), it is necessary to have the right attitude. The team needs to unite and accept that it is not development versus operations, it is development and operations. The right training and an expert consultant can help make it easier for any company.

3. Switch to Microservices

The development and technology companies such as frontend development companies in India or in the USA, use different tools and legacy infrastructure, which have been giving great results to them. However, the modern era of development demands using Microservices over traditional development infrastructure. This helps companies to match pace with shifting customer and market needs. It also modernizes the whole development cycle and approach. However, as the infrastructure has been in the company for a long time, it is often found challenging by everyone to make a shift to the new approach of Microservices.

The DevOps services demand the switch to a cloud-native ecosystem along with Microservices, which results in more efficient and faster processes. To adopt a continuous delivery model, it is necessary to implement automation with best practices defined by this modern model of development and operations.


It is necessary to identify the right approach to replace legacy infrastructure with cloud native and Microservices. The right technical expertise can help in making this shift easier. Alternatively, a business can get help from one of the DevOps experts.

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4. Implementation of automation for software testing

Software testing automation has been one of the most efficient and fastest approaches to testing the accuracy, efficiency, stress tolerance, and other aspects of the software. Thus, test automation is a must in any business, then what is the stopping point?

The cost of test automation software or skilled QA experts is not out of reach for any company. Moreover, the returns related to implementing a test automation strategy. Of course, it is not the cost of software or missing talent, but there are multiple other challenges from test datasets to the right BDD practices. Companies often don’t know where to get started to implement this important aspect to adopt CI/CD approach because test automation is a huge area to uncover.


If you know the three-Amigo approach and BDD practices, then implementation of test automation is extremely easy. Moreover, your team needs to consider the following aspects for the efficient implementation of this strategy:

  • The strategy for data management for test cases
  • Defining smoke test agenda and implementation strategy
  • Defining an approach to create a sample implementation
  • Making a plan for end to end software testing
  • Exploring options to use shared libraries, open source tools, and common practices

5. Change of tools

From software development to testing and deployment needs certain tools. Usually, a web development company will have some tools and software in place to carry out routine jobs. However, DevOps adoption would require other tools and software, so automation and other best practices can be implemented easily. Along with the budget to buy new tools, implementing these tools, training teams, defining mechanisms to keep data and processes secure, etc. can be major challenges to follow.

In many companies, more than budget, teams are reluctant to switch to new tools and software as they are not ready to move out of their comfort zone.


A DevOps company can help in defining the right approach to adopt the best tools in the market to implement CI CD in your business. They will also help you stay within your budget and still get the best infrastructure. In addition to that, this company also helps businesses in making a clear distinction in processes and usage of tools by furnishing the right resources. Training for the team to use new tools will also be provided and ongoing support will be given to make this adoption smooth for your team. In addition to this, the professional companies offering DevOps adoption services also help by making clear documentation of procedures and terms, so businesses can swiftly adopt the right approach to use these new tools by removing the fear of technology from the tool. Some existing tools might also be reused or fit into the new approach of DevOps to help businesses keep their investment under control while making this switch.

Concluding notes

The pressure from peers and competitors is increasing in businesses to adopt DevOps in all businesses. Harmonizing efforts of development and operational teams can be a great way to match the expectations of customers, meet market needs, and continue growing. However, there are always challenges and hindrances when we talk about change. This makes it difficult for businesses to switch to DevOps from their existing model. A DevOps development company can help in adopting this model by overpowering all challenges coming across.

If you are looking for a company that can help you in this adoption process, then we are here with our different DevOps services. To explore more about how we can help you, contact us.

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