PHP can be described as the root of almost any and everything that we see on the internet. It is the base to the superstructure of various frameworks used for the purpose of web development. So, even in cases where a developer wants to use frameworks such as CakePHP, Symfony, or CodeIgnitor it is important that he knows PHP. In case of core PHP development it is required that the developer creates logic from absolutely ground zero and then programs the same by bringing into play the syntax that is provided by the scripting language. In case of frameworks there are already some tools and codes that the developer can play around with.

Why do people use frameworks?

When it comes to PHP development a lot of people prefer to use frameworks since they can save them a lot of time. With a framework a developer does not need to put in the same code time and again for the same function. In a framework developers can understand the code quite easily. This happens even when it passes on from one developer to another. One of the major functions in case of frameworks is the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. With the help of this it is possible for them to differentiate the logic, functions, and design. Framework also has a major advantage over PHP. Here, it is easier to incorporate the suggestions made by the clients.

Starting with core coding

However, as has been said before, in order to be able to use these frameworks in an effective manner it is important that the developers have at least rudimentary knowledge about core PHP. It is also important that they know the classes and functions that play such an important role in this regard. This is why at the initial stages for a web developer it is always a better idea to start with core PHP.

With core PHP programming they would be able to clear all the doubts they have regarding basics. This in turn will allow them to experiment and explore with various frameworks that can be used for the purpose of web development. Using core PHP development practices is like using logic to solve a complicated mathematical problem, while using framework can be equated to using a scientific calculator to get the job done. In the first one, a lot of time is taken up and in the second one it gets done easily without much time used up in the process.