Call center solutions were quite a big jargon a few years back, but now, it has become a household name in almost all industry verticals. With the increasing demand for customer care and post-sales support, businesses have started setting up in-house call centers. Due to multiple reasons, several businesses choose to use an open source call center solution instead of the proprietary one. When we talk about an open source solution for call centers, VICIDial software comes first. 

There are several businesses that use VICIDial along with VICIDial custom development services to augment their operations. Also, there are several industry verticals that benefit from this solution. Let’s discuss the top industry verticals that thieve using this software. 

Customer care 

Customer care is a huge industry vertical. There are several businesses that invest in delivering exceptional customer care services and they do not prefer to invest in manpower and infrastructure to set up a customer care center. They often outsource this job to reliable customer care centers. A VICIDial solution is often used by these customer care centers with VICIDial custom theme development to add their own branding elements. 

From pre-sales help to post-sales support, customer care centers provide all services. Some customer care centers also run surveys to review how happy customers are with the main product and customer care services. All this helps businesses to retain their clients and increase customer loyalty, which makes these business verticals thrive. 

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Telemedicine and remote healthcare could have been possible only because of call center solutions. The healthcare facilities like individual healthcare clinics, multispecialty hospitals, pharmacy stores, etc. use VICIDial to provide the required patient care. 

This software for call centers is also useful to improve the patient experience by automating several jobs like scheduling a healthcare appointment and getting a reminder for the same. Remote healthcare facilities could provide healthcare services to distant locations to a possible extent. Moreover, patients or their family members can also ask questions like the availability of certain medicines, appointment slots of specific doctors, billing related concerns, and other concerns seamlessly. The healthcare facility can provide these services using the VICIDial solution. There are several other use cases of this solution in the healthcare industry. 

Banking and Finance 

This is another industry that thrives by using VICIDial software. The banking and finance industry has many use cases that can be fulfilled by this call center software. For example, they have to run sales campaigns to promote different financial products like new insurance plans, credit cards, and more. They also need to provide resolution to customer queries. The banking and finance industry can use this software to provide end to end support to customers. Banks, insurance agencies, accounting companies, FINTech companies, etc. can use this solution for call centers to delight their customers. 

There are several other advantages of setting up an in-house customer care center using this software over using an IP PBX solution.  For example, it can be used to verify customers before financial transactions. It can also be used to automate several jobs like automating answering questions of customers, running automated campaigns for cross selling, and more. 


Government organizations also set up a contact center solution with VICIDial to serve citizens. Some countries and cities have help desks that help their citizens and tourists with their queries and concerns and for that, they use this software. As a VICIDial solution is an open source system, plus, it gives complete ownership of the software and code, it becomes more viable and secure for government organizations. 

The government may need to invest somewhat in increasing the security of the product because it is an open source call center solution, but it is preferable to use it as it gives ownership of software and data. This removes the necessity of using third party solutions and services that might be controlled by the service or solution providers. This is the reason several government facilities use this solution at their best to handle concerns like electricity outages, bad transport, etc. It can also be used to run awareness programs related to COVID or other health concerns, farming concerns, etc. 

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This industry has been one of the major players that use contact center solutions. The industry is distributed among users of proprietary and open source call center software users. A majority of startup and small scaled marketplaces or online stores use VICIDial to set up customer care. 

In the eCommerce business, it is a must to have a customer care center setup with skilled agents and a reliable contact center solution because customers would connect with the merchant related to different queries and concerns like missing products, mismatched products, discounts and offers, so on and so forth. VICIDial custom theme development is also very useful for eCommerce store owners as they can leverage several advantages by using this software, which would have branding elements of the company itself. 

Concluding notes 

Contact center solutions are very popular among various industry verticals. Due to multiple challenges and concerns faced by business owners in diversified industries, they prefer to use the open source call center software over a proprietary option. VICIDial has been in this industry for many years and has proven its worth as a competitive solution that gives excellent features and stability to run inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. It can also be customized without too high expenses because it gives access to the code of the software. Due to this and multiple other benefits offered by VICIDial, different industry verticals use this software to set up an in-house call center with custom features and white labeling. 

We, Inextrix, have been offering services and support for VICIDial software. We have been offering VICIDial custom development services to add missing features, functionalities and solutions along with customization and white labeling of VICIDial themes. We have benefited several industries with our expertise in this open source solution and yours can be the next. To know more about the services we offer, please get in touch with us. 

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