ASTPP is a Most Powerful Advanced Open Source Billing solution for VoIP. A Perfect Solution for Small, Medium and Larger VoIP industries.

ASTPP enables service providers to build more scalable and robust VoIP services which can range from single server deployments to cluster solutions handling thousands of concurrent calls.

ASTPP provides many useful Features such as VoIP Billing, Invoicing, Central Configuration and Monitoring of Live Calls, DID Management, Client portals, and many more.

Billing Accuracy is heart of VoIP Billing Software

With using rich UI ASTPP includes Invoice & Receipt management, Personalize invoicing information for reseller, Includes CDR charges, Subscription fees, DID charges and other type of post charges or package charges, We can also configure reseller’s company name & address which will be included in invoice pdf etc.

Customization based on your need

The main advantage of ASTPP is how the system can be customized – ASTPP provides an easy way to create additional modules or integrate it with any 3rd-party software solutions. this will be achieved simply with the system design.

List of Successful Integrations with ASTPP:

  • Xero
  • PBX
  • ERP
  • CMS

ASTPP is PHP based system where you can easily design application interfaces (API) for third party software integration. Administrators have unlimited possibilities of customizing the software.

It is an open source FreeSwitch Billing Platform which designed as prime performance and quantifiability and suitable to any scale of business VoIP providers.

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