Call centers are essential to improve customer experience and other business operations. To run these operations effectively, there are different types of call center solutions available. VICIDial is one of the top solutions available in this space. VICIDial call center software is an open source solution, which is why it has a larger customer base. More than 10,000 global businesses use this software to run their business with or without VICIDial custom theme development. Being an open source solution, it also supports VICIDial custom development to build missing features. But, the good thing is, it has all the necessary features that are required in a call center for efficacious operations. 

In this blog post, we will explore more about all the essential features that are available in VICIDial without any need for VICIDial custom development services.

1. Remote access

Similar to top call center software solutions and open source software like ASTPP, this software can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It can be hosted on your physical servers or cloud and it can be accessed remotely. Remote access has tons of benefits and this software offers the same to call centers amid the uncertainties of market, industry, world economy, client behavior, etc.

2. IVR

An interactive voice response (IVR) system is used to auto attend all customer calls. It will play a greeting message to welcome the caller and then guide the caller to the next step by playing an interactive voice menu. The IVRs of VICIDial call center software can also be used to let users take some common practices actions such as accessing account information, last 10 transactions, etc. If you need additional features in an IVR such as payment processing, then it may need VICIDial custom development.

3. Automated call distribution (ACD)

ACD - Automated call distribution

This call center software has different ACD rules. These rules have different algorithms to provide different call routing strategies to call centers. They can route incoming calls of customers to the right agents depending on their performance. This feature is different from IVR and it is developed to connect the caller to the right agent instead of guiding or assisting clients to resolve their queries like an IVR.

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4. Auto dialers

It is another amazing feature available in the VICIDial solution. It has multiple auto dialers like predictive dialer, auto dialer, etc. Each auto dialing software solution integrated into this software has its own features and it can be used to run outbound campaigns. It auto dials the numbers from the list automatically. It saves a lot of time for agents with auto dialing features and helps call centers in achieving higher returns from outbound campaigns.

5. Call recording

In call centers, recording calls is necessary for multiple reasons. In some call centers, this feature is used to monitor calls for quality and training purposes. On the other hand, in some call centers, it is necessary to keep agents aware of the fact that calls are getting monitored and they must handle customers more professionally. VICIDial software offers this feature of recording calls and later downloading the files of call recording to listen to.

6. Call transfer

This might look like a trivial feature to many call centers, but it is one of the most essential features available in any contact center solution. VICIDial has this feature to let agents transfer the call to another agent or supervisor. In a call center, it is possible that a call is assigned to an agent and for some reason, the agent is not able to resolve the customer’s concern. In this case, the call transfer feature can be really helpful to connect customers with another agent or supervisor who has the skills to resolve the customer’s concern and deliver first call resolution (FCR).

7. Custom Music on Hold (MoH)

Customm music on hold

VICIDial provides an option to set a custom music file to play to the customers that are put on hold. For each campaign, a call center can put a different MoH file. This feature is specifically important to engage customers while their calls are put on hold by agents to deliver the required resolution. The agent needs to look for the information in the database, information management system, CRM solution, etc. This may take some time and it is not a good idea to keep customers on a live call while other agents might also be speaking to other customers. The call hold and retrieve features are used to keep customers on hold. The custom MoH feature is useful to keep clients engaged with a soothing piece of music or to play an advertisement, etc.

8. Real time campaign monitoring

Even if VICIDial is an open source call center solution, it provides advanced features like real time campaign monitoring. VICIDial software can be used to run multiple inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. This makes it difficult to monitor the performance of different campaigns in real time. However, VICIDial has made it possible with its real time campaign monitoring dashboard. This dashboard shows different metrics of different ongoing campaigns for easy monitoring. 

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Concluding notes 

VICIDial is one of the most popular call center solutions in the global market. Thousands of call centers still use this software even if there are so many other options available. The reason is, it has major features integrated into it already. The missing features can be added with VICIDial custom development services. Along with the top eight features that are necessary for a call center and mentioned in this blog post, VICIDial can also accommodate any type of custom need of a call center with the right company expertise in this software. 

We have been offering various services for VICIDial call center software. From VICIDial custom theme development to setup and installation, customization, support, maintenance, and any other need related to this open source call center solution can be fulfilled by our expert team. If you are looking for any support or help in this software to add missing features, integrate any APIs, or get a consultation to use it more effectively, we can help you. Simply initiate the discussion by contacting us. 

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