Ideally call center solutions does not come with the billing module. Billing module can help admin to cross check minutes used by their agents. Also in case of fraud billing or overcharged by the VoIP provider, this can be helpful for easy comparison and rectify the issue. Moreover, when you run your call center as hosted solution with multi-tenant option, that time it will be very helpful to bill each tenants based on their minute usage details.

What are the key benefits of using this integration?

  • Setup and configure your own VoIP traffic limit based on campaign
  • Check and monitor VoIP usage real time in your system
  • Cross check billing done by VoIP provider in your own Billing platform
  • Bill your tenants based on their VoIP minute usage
  • Generate extra revenue by offering VoIP minutes along with Call center features

How does it work after integration?

1) Outbound calls:

  • We first need to create a user with SIP device in Billing solution, and configure those SIP settings as trunk/carrier in call center.
  • Assign that trunk/carrier to call center campaign
  • Now whenever any agent will make outbound calls in that campaign, calls will be passed through the SIP carrier on Billing solution and it will be billed there.

2) Inbound calls:

  • Calls needs to be routed first to Billing solution and then from there it should be routed to call center application.
  • Once call hit Billing platform, billing will be started.

Steps for integration:

1) Install and configure call center solution 2) Install billing solution on same system or separate one. Ideally its advisable to use separate system for Billing solution 3) Make carrier settings in call center to route the calls to Billing platform 4) Create DID for inbound calls Inextrix is having extensive skills and knowledge for both Call Center & Billing platforms. Please feel free to contact us on for your Call center and Billing integration requirement.