Call center solutions aim to provide maximum efficiency and productivity to its users. Thus, it automates many actions with different features incorporated in it. The call center dialers are one of those most important features which empower call centers and any all other businesses that use call center software. To boost outbound and mixed campaigns, the call center solutions offer automated dialers of different types. From intelligent call center software to simple call center solutions, all offer one or more automated dialers. Two most widely used and result-oriented call center dialers are predictive dialer and progressive dialer and we are going to learn which is better for you.

Before commenting on which is better, it is necessary to understand the functionalities of both of these dialers to understand their pros and cons.

Predictive dialer

It is one of the best call center dialer as it can maximize output. In intelligent call center software, it uses AI-enabled predictive technology. It aims to make sure all agents are occupied all the time. To achieve this target, a predictive dialer predicts when an agent will finish his ongoing call based on the call handle time. As soon as the dialer sees the agent will be available in the next few seconds, it dials multiple numbers at the same time and routes the call to the agent which is connected to human as soon as he finishes his ongoing call. This dialer also predicts the number of calls to be answered based on the ratio of answered, not-answered, and rejected calls. Based on this ratio, it increases or decreases the number of leads to be dialed.

Progressive dialer

It is also an automated dialer, but it only dials a number when an agent is available. It means as soon as the agent finishes his call, the progressive dialer automatically dials the next number from the list. It keeps on dialing numbers one by one until the customer answers the call. As soon as the customer answers the call, it is routed to the agent.

Which is better? Predictive dialer or progressive dialer?

There is no ideal answer to this. Both have their own pros and cons and which is the best for you depends on your set goals. For example, if you have a really long list to go through and need to make sure all agents are occupied all the time, the predictive dialer is the best option. It is also good when you are focusing on increasing agent talk time. On the other hand, when you want to focus on customer relationship building and interaction, then progressive dialer is more important. It is also good when you want to increase the efficiency of the agents.

The right usage of the right dialer in the right campaign can maximize results and benefits.

These two call center dialers are two major features available in the intelligent call center software with some amazing business centric configurations. There are many more features to boost businesses. Contact us to get a free demo.