Agents in a call center not only handle an essential task, but they also manage to do a very demanding job. Of course, to provide them the required support call centers empower them with skilled supervisors that can coach agents whenever needed, intelligent call center software to give the required technical tools, and some refreshing activities such as awards, events, seminars, etc. Despite all these, the performance of an agent is very much dependent on himself and his skills. These skills can be learned and polished with practice. The key is your agents must have these skills:

1. Listening skill

You might be thinking what is listening skill? Everyone knows how to listen. 

There is a catch here. Everyone knows how to hear, but very few know how to listen.

Listening skill means carefully listen to the problems stated by customers without interrupting them in between. Often, the same issue is raised by different customers. It means by hearing the very first line, an agent knows the solution. However, he must not interrupt the customer and let him finish his side. Then only give him any suggestion or solution.

2. Patience

Agents need to be not only polite, but also patience. They deal with frustrated and angry customers. Many times, they do not accept the given solution and keeps on bombarding on agents. There are many situations in which it is obvious that a human loses his control. However, in call centers patience is the key. Not even the tone of voice should get changed due to frustration.

3. Knowledge of using technical tools 

Agents not only take calls, but they also interact with different technical tools such as intelligent call center software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, time tracker, HMS, and more. Thus, agents need to know how to use these technological tools. Even if he does not know how to use a software solution, he should be quick to learn.

4. Excellent communication

Without a doubt, communication is the key to a call center. Agents must have excellent communication skills. Knowing the solution is not sufficient, conveying that solution to the customer within minimum time and effectively is necessary in call centers. There can be people who are not well versed with jargon in that case agent must have the skills to explain in the language the customer can understand the solution. In some call centers, outbound calls are made to generate leads and sales in that case agent must have convincing skills. 

5. Positive attitude 

The job of an agent is not blossoming. Agents usually have very tight deadlines and quite high expectations to meet. They also need to maintain their calm and professionalism while handling some tough calls. It is not an exaggeration if we say that agents lead a stressful work life. To keep it going and to shine in their career, agents need to cultivate a positive attitude.

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