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Faxing Solution (FoIP)

Save money and simplify faxing with our efaxing solution, which is also known as fax server solution and FoIP software. Add advanced features to enhance the faxing experience. Send faxes without leaving the desk.

Calling Card Solution

Our calling card solution is built to empower calling card businesses with an array of much needed features. It can be used to handle any scaled calling card business. Gain a competitive edge with its futuristic features.

IP PBX Solution

Empower communication and collaboration of your company with our IP PBX solution or run a VoIP business phone system with our multi tenant IP PBX software. Our IP PBX solution is loaded with excellent features.

VoIP Billing Solution

Our comprehensive and powerful VoIP billing solution offers automated billing and invoicing operations. It can be integrated with any VoIP solution such as class 4 Softswitch, IP PBX, broadcasting solution, etc.

Broadcasting Solution

Send a message to mass audience at your fingertips with our SMS and voice broadcasting solution. It is an easy to use tool, which not only minimizes your broadcasting efforts, but also helps you extract performance reports.

Video Conferencing Solution

Adopt the advanced communication and collaboration tool to save time and other resources from traveling. Have remote meetings or run a video conferencing business using our video conferencing solution.

Call Center Solution

Get a single tenant or multi tenant call center solution based on your need to double your ROI. Our call center solution offers advanced features like live stats, advanced dialers, multiple call routing strategies, and more.