SIP communication solutions are gaining immense popularity among business users and even local consumers. The easy and cheaper access to the high bandwidth internet, communication apps, and several other advantages are making VoIP-based communication solutions the first choice of businesses. These businesses can use these IP telephony solutions for their own business or to serve the communication needs of local users. Even VoIP service providers are identifying the best business opportunities in this market sphere because it is becoming a billion-dollar industry. According to Fact Mr, the global IP telephony market was valued at 49.40 billion USD in 2022, and it is projected to reach 109.60 billion USD by 2032. It is expected to rise at 8.3% CAGR (Source). In this global market, developers create different communication solutions using technologies like FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Kamailio, etc.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at FreeSWITCH and FreeSWITCH development services to explore how this technology is leaving its mark overseas.

We will cover the following points in this blog post to cover all vital details and information about this technology.

1.  About FreeSWITCH

It is a very popular open-source telephony stack that is available for free with source code. With FreeSWITCH custom development services, you can develop advanced and future-proof IP telephony platforms using building blocks. It is a multipurpose and platform independent technology. You can run FreeSWITCH on macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and multiple other operating systems. It is amazing in offering omni channel communication.

It is licensed under Mozilla Public License (MPL). The original goal of Anthony Minessale to invent this VoIP technology was to build a core library for VoIP Softswitch that can be used to develop different other solutions in the IP telephony industry.

2.  History of FreeSWITCH

The world of SIP telephony originally started with the invention of Asterisk PBX, which made it possible to develop different and innovative communication solutions. Asterisk PBX had put code of the technology free as it was an open source platform.

Anthony Minessale, the original founder of FreeSWITCH open-source technology used to work in Asterisk as one of the core members. He came up with the idea of FreeSWITCH and announced this project back in January 2006. The first official version of FreeSWITCH technology was launched back in May 2008. Since then, FreeSWITCH developers and FreeSWITCH development companies have launched different versions of this technology to benefit the community.

In 2018, SignalWire Inc was founded, which is now the official company that maintains FreeSWITCH and its advancements with further version releases. Additionally, this company offers an enterprise version of FreeSWITCH and some commercial modules. There are several advantages of using the FreeSWITCH enterprise version and Commercial modules.

3.  Plus Points of FreeSWITCH over Asterisk

FreeSWITCH over Asterisk

Many service providers still face confusion when choosing between Asterisk custom development and FreeSWITCH custom development. To help you make the right choice, here are some of the criteria compared for Asterisk vs. FreeSWITCH to assure that FreeSWITCH is leading the space with its amazing features and offerings.


FreeSWITCH used modular architecture. In simple words, developers create all functionalities in different modules, allowing easy addition and removal to form various communication solutions. On the other hand, Asterisk uses monolithic architecture. That indicates a closely coupled set of code that needs to be placed together to form a working module. This makes the development of FreeSWITCH solutions easier than Asterisk.

High performance

FreeSWITCH is a high performing solution compared to Asterisk for multiple reasons. With the similar sized hardware setup, you will receive higher, in fact, 2x times higher performance compared to Asterisk based solutions. FreeSWITCH is much better at building apps that need video and handle several concurrent calls per second.


Due to modular architecture, FreeSWITCH development services can help you to build the most scalable communication solution. Each call instance will have independent control, which makes it easier to build scalable and stable telephony solutions, which is quite difficult with Asterisk. You will also not face any concerns and challenges that occur while developing telephony solutions with Asterisk such as race conditions, data corruption, deadlock, etc.

Multi tenancy

Again, FreeSWITCH takes over the battle because of its core libraries and architecture. It can provide the most flexible platform to FreeSWITCH developers to build highly scalable and robust solutions for multi tenant systems such as a multi tenant IP PBX system. One can also use commercial modules to develop custom telephony solutions that can easily create instances and add a role based access. Asterisk can also serve as a tool for developing multi-tenant solutions, but its architecture and lack of core libraries impose limitations.

Advanced features

FreeSWITCH is much more advanced compared to Asterisk in terms of a number of features and functionalities. It has core libraries that provide communication solutions like parallel and serial tone generation, wideband conferencing, inband DTMF generation and detection, thread isolation, and more. All these features help in building custom telephony solutions with these features. Moreover, this will also help in reducing the time and cost of development. On the other hand, Asterisk lacks some features or doesn’t have advanced features, which enforces developers to develop them from scratch. This increases the time and cost of development.

There are several other driving factors that ensure that FreeSWITCH is better than Asterisk while reviewing Asterisk vs. FreeSWITCH.

4.  FreeSWITCH Custom Development

FreeSWITCH is a complete telephony stack. Originally, it had features of an IP PBX solution. With advancements in technologies, FreeSWITCH is now offering core features of a VoIP Softswitch solution. This gives wings to FreeSWITCH development companies and skilled developers to build custom and tailored telephony solutions. Using this telephony stack any type of communication and collaboration solutions can be developed.

Most Common Solutions Developed using FreeSWITCH are Listed Here Under:

VoIP Softswitch: This software already has building blocks for developing tailored software for Softswitch solutions. You can use it to develop a class 4 Softswitch solution for managing wholesale VoIP traffic. We can use it to develop a class 5 Softswitch solution to manage retail VoIP traffic.

SIP Softphone: You can also use FreeSWITCH to build a feature-rich mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer. The SIP Softphone with tailored features lets you enjoy all the benefits of a Softphone.

IP PBX solution: With FreeSWITCH, one can develop single tenant or multi-tenant IP PBX software solutions. You can use it to manage communication for a business or offer business phone services.

FreeSWITCH billing software: You can develop a feature-rich billing system using FreeSWITCH to manage billing, rating, invoicing, and payment processing securely. It can be used with any Asterisk or FreeSWITCH based solution and easily integrated into the software to automate billing and invoicing for a VoIP service providers.  The #1 open-source VoIP billing software based on FreeSWITCH is developed using this powerful telephony stack.

Call center software: As FreeSWITCH has an amazing platform to develop a custom solution with factors like multi-tenant, omnichannel communication, etc., it is the best platform to develop a feature rich, multi-tenant, multilingual, and omnichannel contact center solution.

Utilize FreeSWITCH custom development services to create a plethora of incredible communication solutions, including fax server solutions, calling card solutions, unified communication solutions, DID number management solutions, and more. You name it and the best FreeSWITCH development company will build the telephony solution.

5.  Major Benefits of FreeSWITCH for Telephony Software Development

FreeSWITCH for Telephony Software

This blog post discusses why FreeSWITCH is the preferred platform to build any type of small or large scaled telephony solution because it delivers enterprise grade performance. It has several advantages to offer when selected as the VoIP custom software development technology.

To give you more insight into the power and advantages of FreeSWITCH as a development platform, we have explained the top benefits of this platform.

Reduced time to market

FreeSWITCH employs a modular architecture, allowing you to put different modules in place or customize it according to the requirements of your software development project. You can also find ready to use modules or libraries such as enterprise modules and SignalWire APIs to add commonly used functionalities to the product. All this reduces the total time of development of the software. This reduces the time to market, and you can launch the product early and gain a competitive edge.

Reduced overheads

This software reduces the cost of hardware and software by up to 50% because it delivers 2x times more stable and quality performance with the same hardware configuration compared to a product developed with Asterisk custom development. This amazing benefit of this platform also reduces overheads related to the maintenance of the software because it will have fewer hardware components and infrastructure items. Everyone knows the common advantage: VoIP-based calling cuts your telephony bills.

Exceptional performance

FreeSWITCH is renowned for delivering high performance on any software you develop using it. It is popular for providing crystal clear voice quality and high-definition video quality. Moreover, even with high call volume, it does not cause any quality concerns like echo, delays, etc. with the right development logic and reliable internet connection.

Mind Boggling Scalability

This VoIP custom software development technology can develop highly scalable solutions that can match growing call volume and traffic. This is why developers prefer it for developing multi-tenant solutions and Softswitch solutions. We can host the telephony solutions developed using this technology over on-premises servers or the cloud. FreeSWITCH based solutions deliver the same quality of performance and scalability on both models.

Excellent Stability

FreeSWITCH boasts noteworthy features such as shared libraries and layered APIs, in addition to its popular modular architecture. This gives excellent stability to the platform and helps in reducing the concerns raised because of platform stability.

Reliable High Availability

Cluster setup and several other elements implemented by the FreeSWITCH development company can ensure reliable failover and recovery of the platform. Moreover, FreeSWITCH has inbuilt technology to provide a trusted load balancing mechanism. Thus, a majority of FreeSWITCH based communication solutions offer high availability.

Concluding Notes

In a nutshell, FreeSWITCH is fulfilling the agenda for which it was originally built back in 2006. The platform made its debut at O’Reilly Media’s ETEL Conference. This platform has started offering a more stable, scalable, and reliable platform to develop tailored communication solutions like IVR, PBX, DID solutions, etc. With time and technology advancements, the core team of FreeSWITCH brought several transformations to this technology and now it is a complete telephony stack. You can use it to develop enterprise-grade telephony solutions.

Any company or individual developer can use FreeSWITCH, an open-source platform, to develop customized solutions for themselves or their clients. This platform has some outstanding performance metrics like built-in libraries, layered APIs, modular architecture, high performance, high availability, and more. Build scalable, feature-rich communication solutions with FreeSWITCH & SignalWire APIs. Enterprise-grade & reliable custom development!

We, Inextrix Technologies, are one of the leading development companies in the VoIP industry that specialize in FreeSWITCH technology for custom software development. Leveraging the full potential of this technology, we developed several amazing telephony platforms for overseas clients. We are also contributing to the open source FreeSWITCH community in one way or another. Tailored FreeSWITCH solutions & custom services. Build your dream product with our expert team. Ready to unleash the full potential for you! To discuss more about our innovative FreeSWITCH development services and to discuss your project with our experts in FreeSWITCH, please contact us.

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