Inextrix is feeling happy to announce launching of new themes for a2billing customer panel. A2Billing is a VOIP Billing software having Calling Cards, Prepaid-Postpaid, LCR and many more features.

Now a days clients needs attractive UI and better user experience along with existing or custom features. With attractive and promising UI made by Inextrix, you can get more customers, boost up user experience and obviously gain more money. By our years of experience, We have closely observed both type of customers who are running customer panel with custom UI v/s customer panel with default standard UI. And the result you know, clients with Custom UI are always winning the game.

Lets take a routine life example, you have two plates served with fruits. Amongst them one is normally sliced fruits and other is nicely decorated with some extra toppings. Which one would you pick? You know the answer right? Well, Same thing applies to web users.

Moreover, you can have option to integrate customer portal with your website in same template layout. That gives you even more integrity and easy usability to your customers and they never feel they are clicking something out of their scope.

And a Happy customer is the key to success.

Here are few sample customer portal layouts,