The call center works on multiple KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) depending on the nature of campaigns the call center handles. One thing is common, which all natured call centers aim for and that is positive customer experience, in other words, customer satisfaction. The major reason to keep customers satisfied is to gain their loyalty. 

If your call center is also focusing on increasing customer loyalty, we have some tried and tested tips. These tips will surely help you increase customer loyalty.

1. Know what your customers want

Instead of throwing darts into the dark aim for the bull’s eye! For this, you need to understand your customers, their preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. You can run a survey to collect information directly from the customer about what they like and prefer. This can make your job easier as you will not need to invest much time in research. You can also combine the survey feedbacks with the information you can gather from your intelligent call center software to have a better strategy.

2. Get the best tools

To deliver proactive services to customers, you will need the best tools. You cannot juggle with outdated systems or traditional telephony based infrastructure. Intelligent call center software is a must. It provides the required features to cater to the customers 24 x 7. Along with the intelligent call center software, you should also get a CRM system and integrate it into the intelligent call center software. This will help in personalizing conversation as the intelligent call center solution will have information about customers.

3. Train agents to focus on customer experience more than increasing KPI numbers

Focusing on KPIs is necessary as it helps in improving overall performance. But, putting more focus on KPIs compared to the actual customer experience is not correct. Agents need to be trained about the fact that they should focus on customer experience in practical scenarios instead of focusing on KPIs. For example, call centers focusing more on improving customer loyalty aim to improve FCR (First Call Resolution) rate. It is indeed a good strategy to resolve customer issues within a first call. But, if it is going to take longer or if the customer has to stay on hold for a longer time, then the better option is to getting back to the customer or giving him the timeline within which the resolution will be delivered. 

Concluding notes

These are the top 3 tips that all call centers must follow to improve customer loyalty. If a call center succeeds in improving customer satisfaction by delivering excellent customer services and post sales support, then it becomes easier to win customer loyalty.

As you must have noticed in each of the mentioned tips to win customer loyalty, you need an intelligent call center solution. We have an intelligent call center solution, called, iCallify. It has the best features to help you improve customer experience and win customer loyalty. If you are interested in knowing more and booking a risk free trial of it, then contact us.