Intelligent call center software is one of the most advanced call center solutions. It comes up with a wide range of features. Businesses can leverage a plethora of benefits by using this software. In this article, we will share some interesting and really amazing features your intelligent call center software possesses, but still, untouched. It means either you do not use it or you might not be using it at its full capacity.

1. Broadcasting

This is one of the most amazing features available in intelligent call center solutions like iCallify. Voice broadcasting not only lets you spread a message via voice call to all the recipients, but it also helps in collecting feedback from them. Whether you want to run a short survey or you want to spread the word about your upcoming discount offers, this is a great feature. Still, very few businesses use it. SMS broadcasting is another feature available in this solution if you have integrated SMS or if you have an omnichannel call center solution.

2. Different call routing

Generally, businesses get used to with any of the available automated call distribution strategy. Then, that is the universally used call routing rule in the whole company. However, you must remember that an intelligent call center software offers multiple call routing rules. You should use the one based on the nature of the campaign. You can also run an A / B testing campaign to know what works at its best.

3. Different auto dialers

Similar to call routing rules, the intelligent call center software also offers multiple automated dialers. Instead of getting used to with the one, one must use an auto dialer depending on the type of the campaign. For example, if you are a healthcare organization and running a campaign to discuss the health product to be launched, a preview dialer is better as an agent can be prepared for the next call.

4. Voicemail

Unlike all, intelligent call center software is one of those call center solutions, which offer voicemail to agents. We all know agents are the ones who attend calls. Therefore, they need to check voicemail. A majority of companies avoid using voicemail even if it can be a great tool. Many customers can be satisfied by using a voicemail feature than keeping them in the long call queues.

5. IVR

You must object here by saying that you are using an IVR. Everyone uses IVR, but you need to know in the intelligent call center software, it comes up with more features and functional capabilities. Let’s explore some of them:

  • Outbound IVR: Generally, an IVR is used as an auto-attendant to greet the callers and connect them to the right agents. However, it can also be used as an outbound IVR to reach the customers.
  • Multilevel IVRs: The intelligent call center software supports nested menus in the IVR. It means the most complicated IVR can be created yet projected simplistically to the customers. Multiple complex IVRs can be created for a single number.

There are many more interesting features. These are just some common ones. To know more about those features, contact us. We offer an intelligent call center software solution. Contact us to book a risk-free demo.