Voice broadcasting, which is also known as call broadcasting system, provides an effective way to spread a message to the masses regardless of the region they belong to. This is a very effective solution to convey the same message to a massive audience and it has numerous utilities in a different industries. The VoIP service providers often provide VoIP broadcasting services to end users and businesses that are not interested in investing in voice broadcasting solution development or buying a call broadcasting solution. 

VoIP service providers often invest in developing this system to run their business independently and to earn high revenue from their services. This system can be developed by the best VoIP development company using either Asterisk development or FreeSWITCH development. 

FreeSWITCH development is definitely a better option to deliver better returns, let’s explore how.

  • Support more concurrent calls

voice broadcasting solution support more concurrent calls

The beauty of a voice broadcasting solution or any other smart telephony platform is that it sends a single voice message via a call to multiple recipients by running a parallel calling campaign. It means in a single minute or second, it will send multiple calls to different recipients. FreeSWITCH technology is renowned to handle more calls per second compared to Asterisk without hampering the quality of calls. Thus, investing in FreeSWITCH development services for voice broadcasting solution development can help you get a more robust system. It can help in running campaigns in a short time. 

  • Reduced expenses

Reduced expenses FreeSWITCH development company

FreeSWITCH development services offered by the best VoIP development company might be more expensive than Asterisk development services, but they can give better returns as well. The FreeSWITCH development company will have more skilled developers in the stated technology, which is still not mastered by many developers worldwide. There are some companies or developers that specialize in this development technology. Thus, the development cost might be high. However, when it is used for voice broadcasting solution development, it can help you build a more robust and scalable system. This system can work in double capacity even with the same hardware. This will reduce the cost of hardware and you will be able to run more voice broadcasting campaigns at a lower cost to get better ROI.

  • Enjoy scalability

OpenSIPs development to build highly scalable solutions

Similar to OpenSIPs development, FreeSWITCH development as well is used to build highly scalable solutions. A provider that is investing in developing the best call broadcasting solution must have plans to expand business in leaps and bounds. The FreeSWITCH based solutions are more scalable compared to other technology based communication solutions. Thus, by hiring the right VoIP development company for call broadcasting software development, a provider can build a futuristic solution.


Concluding notes


Voice broadcasting services are used in all industry verticals and they are quite in demand. Thus, building a feature rich, robust, and scalable voice broadcasting solution can be profit making for a service provider. FreeSWITCH is a renowned technology to build this type of performance driven communication solution. Thus, investing in voice broadcasting solution development using FreeSWITCH can benefit the business with long term benefits.

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