The call center solutions offer advanced features. The intelligent call center software is the most advanced call center solution available in the market. Each call center solution, whether it is a traditional or intelligent one, possesses some features, which are referred with the common names. Of course, advanced solutions like intelligent call center software will have advanced functionalities to offer compared to traditional or open source solutions, but the features will have basic functionality and common use cases. The call center dialers available in all call center solutions are commonly used features. If you are using a call center solution and its manual or auto dialers, you must read this article. This article will share, which call center dialer you should choose to use for your campaigns.

Predictive dialer

It is the most advanced feature available in any call center solution. In intelligent call center software, it gets developed by using predictive technology of artificial intelligence. It is the only auto dialer, which dials multiple numbers in one go, and that also before the agent completes its ongoing call and wrap up. This dialer can predict when the agent will be available, so it always stays ready with the next call as soon as an agent is ready to take the next call.

This auto dialer must be selected for use when your agents need to go through a long list or pass the same message to all. For example, giving a reminder or a sales pitch needs predictive dialing of intelligent call center software.

Power and progressive dialer

These auto dialers are used more often in call centers that contact a sales prospect or a customer. Both of these auto dialers only dial the call when the agent shows the availability to take the next call. These auto dialers are useful when it is necessary to reduce the call drop ratio. It also helps in improving productivity as the number gets dialed automatically.

Preview dialer

This is also a dialer available in the traditional as well as intelligent call center software. It shows the preview of each lead before dialing the number. The agents can skip or take the call based on the lead information. The preview dialer works perfectly when the agents need to be prepared for the call. For example, sensitive calls related to credit card related concerns, warm lead handling, or collection calls. Agents need to be prepared to handle these types of calls and need preview dialing.

Manual dialer

Even if the intelligent call center solution offers the most advanced auto dialer, it still offers a manual dialer similar to many other call center solutions. This feature is extremely important when your agents need to contact a reference lead whose phone number is not stored in the call center software.

These are the major dialers available in the call center solutions, with details on which dialer should be used when. If you don’t have a call center solution and interested in using intelligent call center software, contact us and book a risk-free trial of it.