The VoIP uses intent protocols to initiate, conduct and tear down the calls. Two very well known facts related to VoIP are 1. It is cheaper than traditional communication 2. It provides better quality. The mobile dialer, which is also known as a SIP dialer and Mobile VoIP dialer is a mobile application that lets you use VoIP technology to make and receive calls via your Smartphone or mobile devices. You can say it is a mobile version of the softphone. In this article, we will delve deeper to see the top 3 reasons that prove the importance of the Mobile dialer for your business.

Take advantage of mobility

In VoIP based communication, we have three options to make and receive calls:

  1. Use IP Phones
  2. Use Softphone
  3. Use SIP Dialer

The early two options will restrict you to your desk or home. You have to use your desk or system for communication as the IP phone will be available on the desk only and softphone can be accessed from your system only. The 3rd option will give you the flexibility of mobility. You can receive and make VoIP calls from anywhere, at any time. You don’t need to have any additional hardware, software or add-ons for communication. All you need is a mobile dialer and enjoy VoIP calling 365*24*7.

Reduce expenses

The mobile dialer will remove need of all additional hardware and software. This will let you save a significant amount of money on setup and maintenance cost. Furthermore, it will let you make calls using internet protocol, which is way cheaper than traditional calling. In fact, if you are making dialer to dialer call, then your call will be absolutely free. This way you will reduce your communication cost by 50% or more because now your staff can communicate at zero cost.

Take benefit of advanced communication and collaboration features

The Mobile dialer works on top of VoIP technology. Thus, it provides a wide range of features to its users, which are many more than a normal mobile phone calling. Below is the list of features available with a SIP dialer:

  1. Voice calls
  2. Video calls
  3. Call transfer
  4. Call hold and pick up
  5. Contact book
  6. Integration with mobile phone book
  7. Account balance
  8. Call logs
  9. And more

All these features will let you use an advanced tool of communication and collaboration, namely, SIP Dialer and that, too, at affordable rates.The SIP dialer can be used for internal communication or business communication as well you can use it to provide the calling service to your clients. The white label SIP dialer will let you use your own business brand elements in your dialer.We, at Inextrix, have developed the best mobile dialer. Contact us to explore more details and a demo of it.