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8COM is a one-stop communication solution provider company in Canada


Use Case

Class 4/5 Softswitch







8COM is a popular company based in Ontario, Canada. The company has been catering its customers with different types of services, solution and hardware equipment. The one of the managed services offered by the company was VoIP Phone Service to its customer who can be residential and business users. The company was using an IP PBX solution to provide the communication services to its customers. The solution had basic features to provide the communication services, but it was missing a lot of important functionalities and this was creating many challenges for the company.

Limited communication features

No flexibility to integrate third party APIs to access features of any other system

No proper support to develop new features to meet growing business requirements

No provision to take backup for recovery

No provisioning of billing and invoicing

​8COM was seeking for a better solution that can have an advanced communication features. Also the solution must have an integrated billing to automate the billing process. The company also needed the solution that can support integrated APIs of third party applications.

Our custom ip pbx with integrated billing and crm api functionality met all requirements

An IP PBX Software with advanced communication features

Integration of their proprietary CRM solution within the IP PBX system

Integration of automated billing solution

Integrating High Availability Model to have a reliable backup system along with the failover and recovery capabilities