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Conexo Technologies Leveraged Competitive Edge & Strengthened Communication with a Tailored UCC Platform

We have developed a completely tailormade UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration) platform for Conexo Technologies, an Italy based technology company. The UCC platform provides a web app for desktop users along with a mobile Softphone app for smartphone users. Moreover, the platform provides admin, user, and reseller portals with exclusive features. This tailored solution is developed with bleeding-edge technologies to meet the growing and exclusive communication needs of the company and its clients. We are happy that the custom developed and deployed UCC platform with 30+ unique communication and collaboration features empowers the business by overcoming its major obstacles and offering. Conexo Technologies could meet all its business needs and even exceed the expectations of the company and its clients.

Use Case

Implementation of Tailormade UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration) Platform to Meet Personalized Needs of the Company






Technology, Telephony and Managed Services

Conexo Technologies, a pioneering company in Italy’s technology realm, leads the way in providing holistic solutions to businesses. With a diverse portfolio comprising five to six subsidiary companies, Conexo Technologies spans across various industries. It revolutionizes modern business operations to empower and delight its clients. The company specializes in dedicated connectivity, telecommunications, integrated communication systems, security, solar energy, import-export, and ICT. It simplifies processes and enhances cost efficient solutions and services to its clients.  

With over fifty years of rich legacy, Conexo Technologies continues to push the boundaries of innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions that exceed client expectations. Businesses partnering with Conexo Technologies embark on a journey towards heightened productivity, strengthened security, and optimized communication strategies. 

The Challenges

Conexo Technologies was using a legacy solution, which was a mix of hardware and conventional communication software apps to meet the communication and collaboration needs of teams and clients. The platform did not support unified communication. Moreover, it lacked advanced features that could meet the visionary demands of the company. Additionally, it was imposing several challenges due to limited features and functionalities. 

Poor productivity of operators and increasing gaps in collaboration due to limited functionalities and unavailable features

Increasing inaccuracy and inefficiency in communication management 

Lack of a reliable tool for an effective and productive remote communication tool

Increasing complexities and reducing the productivity of the team due to sluggish communication features

Obstacles due to much needed yet missing personalized communication and collaboration features

Difficulty in managing unified communication due to the lack of a comprehensive platform offering all channels within the same platform

Increasing hassle of managing conventional tools and multiple platforms to meet UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration) needs of the company and its clients

Growing challenges in meeting the scalability needs of the company

Increasing overheads behind operations and maintenance