Inextrix to Sponsor ClueCon Developers Conference

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ClueCon Developers Conference is one of the most renowned open source and telecom events in the VoIP industry. Since 2005, a group of VoIP telephony developers has been conducting this event. For the first year, it was arranged by a group of Asterisk developers and after that, it was managed and conducted by a team of FreeSWITCH developers. Since then, the FreeSWITCH development community has been conducting this event in the USA during summers to bring developers, entrepreneurs, startups, or any businesses that are interested in VoIP telephony or open source to network and benefit each other.

ClueCon event conducts a series of different conferences hosted by technology or open source leaders. It also provides a stage for businesses to sponsor ClueCon Developers Conference to catch more eyeballs to boost business branding and network with other businesses. Sponsoring ClueCon also indicates the interest of a business to support one of the growing VoIP development technologies, FreeSWITCH.

ClueCon Developers Conference 2022 has multiple sponsors and our company, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is one of the sponsors of ClueCon 2022. We are going to be part of this event to support open source VoIP platforms as our company funds and manages one of the #1 open source VoIP platforms based on FreeSWITCH, ASTPP.


Agenda of Inextrix Technologies at ClueCon 2022:

We are also going to give a more than 40% discount on tickets for the ClueCon Developers Conference to

professionals that sign up for our Meet-up event.

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