Faxing Solution

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Faxing Solution

Streamline document and fax distribution processes and digitize the faxing journey with the best fax over internet

protocol (FoIP) solution.

Alleviate the errors and hassle related to traditional faxing and enhance the whole process to make it flawless, cost effective, and convenient with the fax server solution.

Faxing and scanned document distribution is still the basic operation in many industry verticals. The best part is technology has paved its way to this segment to digitize the whole process. There is no need to deal with bulky, and sometimes, faulty fax machines and stationery. The FoIP solutions can make the whole process so seamless that even a newbie can enjoy the process. All the features of traditional faxing, plus, virtual faxing are made available at the mouse click by our best in the industry FoIP solution. Moreover, some features enhance the whole business faxing mechanism with never seen before features to make the whole process more effective and efficient.

FoIP Solution Provider Company

Leveraging the bleeding edge technology and smartness of VoIP to send faxes is not something new, but still, businesses are waiting for the right time to make this switch. The time and opportunity is here to be smarter with virtual fax over IP solutions. Our FoIP solution has already empowered various small to large scaled businesses with a feature rich FoIP solution and yours can be the next. Now, there is no need to stay in long queues to get access to the fax machine to send or receive a fax message. Simply sit at your desk or enjoy the comfort of your couch and send your fax. Also, get a receipt or failure notification to know the status of your fax to take the next vital step. All this is possible with the best FoIP software developed by our VoIP experts.

Our company is a top rated FoIP solution development company that builds scalable, secure, and robust fax server solutions. We build the most advanced and futuristic virtual fax server software. Furthermore, we can customize the features, configurations, and other components of this VoIP software to personalize the system to meet your custom business needs. With our simple to use fax server solution, faxing will be as easy and convenient as emailing. Moreover, it will help you reduce expenses over faxes to make better utilization of funds for business growth and development.

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Major Faxing Modes

Virtual faxing is invented to let businesses take maximum advantage of digitization and faxing as a whole solution. Thus, our virtual faxing solution supports three different modes of eFaxing:

Introduce e-faxing for your staff or customers with the Faxing Solution. The FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) solution lets you take benefit of a comprehensive eFaxing system, also known as Fax Server Solution. It supports three different modes of virtual faxing:

Email to fax

Fax to email

Web to fax

Key Features

Leverage the power of your infrastructure and faxing with the futuristic features of our FoIP solution:

Email to fax:

Fax to email:

Web to fax:

Fax rating (similar to call rating)

Support different file formats (PDF, Doc, Docx, JPEG, TIFF)

Support T.38 protocol

Third party integration support

Fax summary report

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Frequently Asked Questions

All commonly asked questions in regard to FoIP solutions are answered by our experienced VoIP team for you.

Virtual faxing is a method of using internet lines to send and receive fax messages and scanned documents. The FoIP solution is a platform that provides access to all features related to virtual faxing in a GUI panel to eliminate technicalities and uplift the process of faxing in an organization.

Internet based communication is often considered insecure, but technology has already progressed to be secure. We understand that fax messages often consist of confidential information and keeping them confidential is necessary. You can use added security mechanisms along with encryption, authentication based fax access, and other security features that we integrate into this software.

Yes, we have developed the most flexible FoIP software. It supports third party software and API integration. One of the most commonly used integrations with this fax over IP software is with ASTPP to let providers enjoy product management, real time rate update, and other features. You can integrate any other third party VoIP billing solution or any other VoIP solution with it.

Yes, we do have a white label FoIP software solution. Moreover, we also have models in which we give access to the code of the software if needed. We can connect over a personal call to discuss your requirements and how we can meet them with our white label solution, flexible pricing, and other benefit offerings.

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