We are delighted to announce the launch of iCallify Version 2.0!

The very first version of iCallify was released on the 10th of August 2019. Being an intelligent call center software, it appealed to many call centers. Being a strategically developed call center solution, it also appealed to many businesses and being cost-effective, it appealed startups and small scaled businesses. With its growing popularity in minimum time, we got encouraged to add more and more features in it so we can keep it at the top position of being the best intelligent call center solution in the world.

By following this aim, we had released two more, smaller version updates, iCallify 1.2 and iCallify 1.3. Now, we have come up with one of the major updates for iCallify by releasing today iCallify 2.0.

What is new in iCallify: intelligent call center software version 2.0?

There are many minor changes done to enhance its performance and efficiency. We are going to share about the top and major updates brought in version 2.0.

1. Broadcasting

There are many call centers and businesses that need to run different broadcasting campaigns. Now, it is made easy with newly introduced broadcasting features in iCallify. Now, with this intelligent call center software, you can run the following types of broadcasting campaigns:

  • Voice broadcasting
  • SMS broadcasting
  • Email broadcasting

2. Facebook integration

Facebook has become one of the important modes of communication. Now, admin can add their Facebook page in iCallify so agents can respond to the messages waiting in the queue. All these can happen within the window of iCallify.

3. WhatsApp integration

Similar to Facebook integration, admin can also integrate WhatsApp account in this intelligent call center solution so agents can see the queue and respond to the WhatsApp messages without leaving iCallify.

4. API integration

We understand that you need to integrate multiple solutions to make it a more productive and efficient call center solution. Thus, we have made the integration of third party APIs easy. At the moment, calling related features will be supported by the API integration. One can also integrate a CRM solution to iCallify such as Zoho.

5. Time condition based call routing

Holidays and off-hours may create a bad user experience. Also, creating separate campaigns would not be feasible or flexible. Thus, now, we have added an easy way for you. Now, admin can define call routing rules based on the time condition or holidays.

6. Custom form building

An admin who uses this intelligent call center solution can build a custom form with custom user information. This form will be shown to the agent during the live call with the information of a customer. This will help agents to deliver better responses.

7. Support multiple languages

Businesses are now working at the global level, but still, there are some countries which prefer their own languages in operations. Thus, we have added the multilingual feature in iCallify. Any language can be added to use this intelligent call center solution in your regional language.

8. Additional Reports

Reports are bread and butter to companies that use a call center solution. We already have added a wide range of reports for admin, supervisors, and agents. We have added some more useful reports in iCallify 2.0 such as:

  • Drop Call report
  • IVR report
  • Active Callback report

To upgrade your existing iCallify version to 2.0 or to book a demo, please contact us.