We are extremely excited to make this announcement that we are launching a certification course on the “Internet Telephony Programming” in association with GTU (Gujarat Technological University). This programming course is a 100% offline, which means the leaders in IP telephony and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) are going to conduct the course and benefit future engineers to put a strong step ahead to make a successful career in this billion dollar industry. 

According to statistics shared by Find Stack, the global market size of the VoIP industry will reach 102.5 billion US dollars by 2026 (Source). The growth rate of this industry is 19.90% year by year, which makes it one of the top industry verticals in the world. 

Technology students from degree and diploma courses or programs like computer engineering, EC engineering, BCA, MCA, PGDCA, or any other IT or technology background can make a successful and shining career in the internet telephony industry. 

We, Inextrix Technologies, have been participating proactively in helping technology students to get the right direction for their careers. The VoIP industry is one of the major industry verticals that can help students make their careers and give endless opportunities in India and abroad to get a high paying job or even launch their own venture and become a business owner. 

The course details are as follows: 

  • Course Name: Internet Telephony Programming 
  • Course Duration: 50 Hours (Group classes and training) 
  • Course Fee: 1500 Rs/Student 
  • Starting Date: 27th May 2023 

Other course details 

The course is divided into multiple sessions and each session will be around 2 to 4 hours long, which will be conducted on the second and fourth Saturdays and Sundays. This will ensure that students can pursue their studies, hobbies, and other activities and still join this course and learn without stretching their schedules. 

How to register: 

Simply fill this form: Click Here

In case of any queries, students can either call or WhatsApp at +91 7624079397 or email us queries at contact@inextrix.com. 

It is a certification course in association with GTU, which means it will be one of the valid and useful certificates for students that are willing to make a career on the internet, communication, or telephony industries. 

What is VoIP or internet telephony? 

If you are interested in this course, but not really sure what it is about, then here is a quick brief on what the course is all about but before that you need to understand what the industry is about. 

Have you used or heard about Zoom, Skype, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger for calling? 

If you haven’t heard of any of the above, we are sure you must have used WhatsApp voice calling, video calling, and chat features, haven’t you? 

All these platforms work on top of VoIP/ internet telephony technologies. Thus, the whole industry operates on making this type of communication solutions that support calling, messaging, and doing much more over the internet. Please note that the software and apps we mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg and Internet telephony is a huge industry having too many fascinating applications and use cases. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the course today! 

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