Our company, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been one of the leading VoIP development companies. We have been offering the best VoIP development services to our global customers and in addition to that, we keep on adding different resources to benefit VoIP and IP telephony industry verticals. To benefit the industry and aspiring VoIP developers, recently, we conducted an informative webinar on one of the most popular communication tools, the mobile SIP dialer.

The topic covered in the webinar was, “Mobile SIP Dialer: An Inside Look”. The host of the webinar was Ms Shraddha Vaishnani, Team Lead, Mobile App Development Team from Inextrix Technologies. 

To watch the complete recorded webinar

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5UmDYBnLWg[/embedyt]

The webinar started with the details of the VoIP mobile dialer and the importance of this VoIP Softphone for mobile in the business. One of the most important benefits of this VoIP based communication app is security. The communication carried out via this app is encrypted and delivers the most secure communication experience. It is an amazing tool for businesses that are petrified of compromised VoIP solutions. 

The next segment of the webinar covered the major three types of a mobile SIP dialer apps for Android and Apple, which are listed below:
  1. Basic VoIP dialer
  2. Pro mobile dialer 
  3. Advanced mobile dialer

For each type of white label SIP dialer, she also explained the major features and how they can help a business. She also displayed the different types of screens to demonstrate the difference between each major type of white label Softphone.

Shraddha took an opportunity to share about enhancements in this communication app available that provides value added features to the business users to augment the experience and overall returns from a while label Softphone.

The webinar concluded with the live question and answer round to provide insightful information to the webinar audience. 

Concluding notes

VoIP SIP dialer apps use the benefit of mobility and VoIP based communication altogether to benefit business professionals. Without stretching the budget of a company on telecommunication, business representatives can communicate and collaborate, as and when needed. This is possible by using this VoIP based communication solution.

The major advantage of a white label SIP dialer app for Android and Apple is that it helps businesses take advantage of branding by providing the best communication tool to its team members, partners, associates, etc. Moreover, they can keep everyone happy with this app and its amazing features without worrying about security threats. This dialer app also benefits by generating revenue or increasing customer retention if a VoIP service provider sells this product to its customers that use VoIP services like multi tenant IP PBX based phone service. Shraddha has covered all these facts with detailed features and examples in the webinar.

We, Inextrix, offer one of the most secured and feature rich white label SIP Softphone for Android and Apple. It also has features like real time billing, in-app recharge, etc. If you are interested in booking a demo of this Softphone.

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