PC Dialer

PC dialer, also known as a softphone, is a software based VoIP phone application. It can be installed on desktop and laptop systems to use the VoIP telephony features without any telecom hardware and wire installation. It is compact and handy for the users and often considered as a preferred solution compared to the IP phones. Thus, PC dialers are one of the must have tools in the offerings of the VoIP calling service providers.

iNextrix Technologies has developed a feature rich PC dialer for windows systems. We provide white label PC dialer aka softphone to our customers so they can run their VoIP calling business with this powerful communication tool. It is compatible with all versions of the Windows PCs and laptops.

This PC dialer is compatible with any SIP softswitch and VoIP billing solutions to be part of SIP based telecommunication services. It can be used in the background while not in use to keep your status active.

With our PC dialer application, you can provide the following features to your customers so they can use hardware-less SIP calling services:

  • Phonebook
  • Voice calling
  • Call hold and pick up
  • Call transfer
  • Instant messaging (Chat)
  • PC to PC calling
  • PC to phone calling
  • Simplified login
  • Easy connectivity
  • Quick registration
  • Balance display
  • Support TCP and UDP
  • Support different codecs such as G729, GSM, iLBC, Speex, G711, G722, AMR, etc.
  • Display call balance
  • Call history
  • And more

The use of PC dialer can let your customers leverage one or more benefits from the below listed pros:

  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • Feature rich communication
  • Remove hardware and related installation and maintenance cost
  • Works on low bandwidth

The VoIP service providers can leverage the benefits of satisfied customers and increased business.
To know more details and to book a free demo of PC dialer, please contact us.

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