Building scalable and robust telephony solutions to meet the unparalleled vision of next-generation businesses with our expert FreeSWITCH development and consulting services.

FreeSWITCH: A versatile development framework to build comprehensive communication platforms

FreeSWITCH is a renowned telephony stack with modular architecture that provides building blocks for custom FreeSWITCH solution development projects. The role of FreeSWITCH development in bringing revolutionary transition in the VoIP communication and telecom switch based industry is phenomenal.

FreeSWITCH, at the forefront of telecom evolution, leads the transition from traditional telecom switches to a dynamic and digitized landscape. Expert FreeSWITCH solution development unfolds a transformative journey in telecommunication.

FreeSWITCH provides a robust platform, protocols, features, codecs, encryption methods, modular architecture, interoperability, and numerous other driving factors that make FreeSWITCH development services seamless and powerful. This platform versatility ensures that FreeSWITCH solution development can cater to diverse business communication needs and provide impeccable and customized telephony solutions.

We have years of experience as a leading FreeSWITCH development company. We help enterprises with FreeSWITCH consulting services to take distinctive advantage of FreeSWITCH. Furthermore, we help providers to effortlessly integrate third party APIs and custom solution development to build a comprehensive solution that aligns with similar protocols. These FreeSWITCH based telephony solutions enhance the scalability and adaptability of the communication solutions to foster a cohesive and interconnected communication ecosystem.
FreeSWITCH Development

FreeSWITCH Development Company

We, Inextrix Technologies, are one of the popular FreeSWITCH solution development companies. We are renowned for our demonstrated experience in building the most powerful, scalable, and smart communication solutions using FreeSWITCH and its powerful features and modules. From FreeSWITCH conferencing solution development to class 4 Softswitch, IP telephony solution, class 5 Softswitch, IP PBX software, call center solution, and any other telephony solutions that you name it, we build it for you.

Our custom development services are renowned for seamless integration of unified communication mediums to build the most sustainable platform. We implement voice, video, multimedia, and data in all telephony software applications. Furthermore, we have specialization in integration of digital channels for communication with our FreeSWITCH development services like WhatsApp, FreeSWITCH, Twitter, and more.

We know the art of unleashing the most powerful features of FreeSWITCH. Our FreeSWITCH development team has experience in building diversified VoIP platforms with carrier grade quality of service. Our forte is building a cluster based FreeSWITCH solution to meet enterprise communication requirements and demands.

Our team specializes in SignalWire, which is an enterprise platform of FreeSWITCH. We can integrate SignalWire APIs into your communication software to help you build powerful telephony solutions within the shortest development cycle. Moreover, we are proficient in helping you reuse SignalWire code to develop multiple telephony solutions using these APIs to maximize value over money and investment in FreeSWITCH solution development.

Major FreeSWITCH Development Services

We have expertise in developing tailored software solutions that precisely match the unique requirements of your business and clients. 

FreeSWITCH Custom Development
Our FreeSWITCH developers are skilled in developing simple telephony solutions to highly intricate communication platforms that convert your vision into a working solution.
FreeSWITCH Consultancy
Our FreeSWITCH consulting services have potential to help you unlock untapped opportunities by unleashing the power of FreeSWITCH and SignalWire in your favor.
FreeSWITCH Call Script Development
Let us help you create a custom call flow or build a completely tailored functionality with call script development using the full potential of FreeSWITCH.
FreeSWITCH Dialplan Programming
Build a complete harmony between your telephony platform and dial plan to manage call routing rules, extension calling, voicemails, time based call routing, and more.
FreeSWITCH Support & Maintenance
Maintain high performing application of your FreeSWITCH telephony platforms with our on-demand and contract based support and maintenance services.
FreeSWITCH High Availability & Cluster Setup
Continue catering to your clients without any stress of system or hardware failure with well-defined and deployed cluster architecture and enjoy 99.95% uptime SLA.

Are you seeking professional help for building FreeSWITCH based solutions?

Our FreeSWITCH developers are renowned for several telephony and VoIP provider companies that unleash the complete potential of the FreeSWITCH platform with our technology proficiency.

Our Expert Solutions in FreeSWITCH

We have built a scalable, robust, and secure wholesale VoIP Softswitch solution to help you grow your wholesale VoIP business.
A tailored business phone system to help you build a business communication ecosystem and/ or run a successful business.
FreeSWITCH conferencing solution development built a robust and flexible system to conduct audio and video conferences seamlessly.
A robust platform to digitize your faxing operations and enjoy the benefits of flexible faxing from anywhere, at any time.
A reliable and feature rich VoIP calling card software helps you launch and scale up your calling card business flawlessly.
Augment business communication and collaboration with enterprise grade quality and wide ranging rich telephony features.
IVR Solution
Automatically attend all calls and greet your clients to let your clients autonomously take actions to build a brilliant first impression.
A feature packed voice, SMS, and email broadcasting platform to keep your clients updated with timely alerts, notifications, updates, and reminders.
Unified Communication Solutions
Manage legacy, digital, and modern communication channels to use a comprehensive communication ecosystem for your enterprise.
Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

Enrich the communication ecosystem with a private telephony system specifically developed for your business. A multi tenant system will provide further capabilities to extend communication features and benefits to other offices and even to customers.

Why Choose Us?

Top reasons to choose us as your development partner for FreeSWITCH projects

Extensive Experience

We have rich experience in building FreeSWITCH based communication and telephony solutions. We take pride in specializing in FreeSWITCH, plus, SignalWire which can help you leverage the complete potential of this technology for your business.

On-time Delivery

We are renowned for understanding the project requirements and giving a reliable timeline for delivery. Moreover, we assure on-time delivery of deliverables to help you make the right strategy for software launch and marketing so that you can reach the right audience.

Flexible Engagement Models

We have rich experience in building FreeSWITCH based communication and telephony solutions. We take pride in specializing in FreeSWITCH, plus, SignalWire which can help you leverage the complete potential of this technology for your business.

Does your business need a FreeSWITCH development partner?

Note: Freeswitch is a Registered Trademark of Anthony Minessale II. We are not affiliated with Freeswitch.

What Our Client Say

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"We were looking for a reliable IP PBX solution as our conventional system had a lot of limitations. I’m happy with the solution and service provided by Inextrix. They gave us scalable IP PBX software and also integrated our CRM system and automated billing solution. This system increased productivity and ROI significantly."

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Naman Tahir

Vice President, 8com inc

" Amazing group of guys to work with. After the quality of work I saw in the first project completed, we have decided to move all our development over to Inextrix. All work was completed on time and as expected. Would not think twice to recommend these guys."

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Jaco Jacobs


" Hi, I just wanted to send you guys a quick message on how great its been working with you guys on our voip development needs, in the last 3-4 years, you have been very responsive and always care about delivering the work as much as we do. Im very impressed with the high level of talent that you guys have and am grateful that I could find such dependable voip professionals that always do what they say they will. take care -Albert"

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Albert Montgomery


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Frequently Asked Questions

FreeSWITCH is one of the most robust, reliable, and scalable platforms to develop communication platforms. It can support an almost double number of concurrent calls with the same server configurations compared to its counterpart. It provides excellent load balancing support and also delivers high quality audio and video. It supports different development languages to give an open platform to developers. It is also an open source platform and gives all the required advantages of an open source VoIP technology.

FreeSWITCH is a renowned name in the VoIP development industry. If your business is going to grow rapidly, FreeSWITCH can match your bandwidth and deliver high scalability support. It has multiple inbuilt modules and libraries, which you can use to build an ideal communication solution. It is also an open source platform, so you will not need to pay a license fee. It is compatible with an array of operating systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, Mac OS, Windows, RHEL, and more. It also supports different codecs to provide the most compatible and flexible development platform. Moreover, it gives you an advantage of vendor independence.

A FreeSWITCH developer must be well versed and experienced in custom FreeSWITCH development. For effortless FreeSWITCH development, the developer needs to have experience in the following:

– Lua scripting

– Development languages like Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, .NET, ECMAScript, JavaScript, etc.

– Protocols: SIP/SDP/RTP

– FreeSWITCH modules and inbuilt libraries

– Cluster setup

We have been developing various unified communication and telephony products by harnessing the power of FreeSWITCH. We offer a spectrum of FreeSWITCH services with our expertise. We can develop any type of FreeSWITCH solution, including, but not limited to class 4 Softswitch, class 5 Softswitch, single tenant or multi tenant IP PBX solution, VoIP billing software, calling card solution, smart telephony solution, etc. We also provide FreeSWITCH consultation services.

We have developed the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH that is ruling the industry, which is popularly known as ASTPP. We are closely associated with the FreeSWITCH community and Signalwire which constantly adds up to our experience and expertise. We are also sponsoring FreeSWITCH’s event ClueCon 2022. All this keeps augmenting our skill-set to provide the best FreeSWITCH development and other services to our global clients. it. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
FreeSWITCH is a popular open source VoIP telephony development technology. It is renowned for transforming legacy telephony system into digitally empowered telecom solutions. It can build a web based telephony solution to enable feature rich and consolidated business communication or end user engagement without any hassle of software or mobile app installation and setup.

FreeSWITCH development is the process of developing scalable, robust, and flexible telephony solutions by harnessing the power of this VoIP development technology. FreeSWITCH developers with versatile experience can build custom telephony solutions, business communication solutions, wholesale VoIP software, etc. to meet business communication needs of telecommunication entrepreneurs and end users.

Our team of FreeSWITCH developers is proficient in developing different types of telephony and communication solutions with custom FreeSWITCH development. Some of the most popular FreeSWITCH solutions that we have developed are listed below:

– Video conferencing solution

– Class 4 Softswitch

– Multi tenant IP PBX solution

– Class 5 Softswitch

– SIP trunking solution

– Voicemail solution

– Session border controller (SBC) solution

– Custom IP telephony solution

– Calling card system

– Virtual number management solution

– DID number management solution

– Fax server solution

– Shoutcast server

– Media server

We can develop any custom FreeSWITCH solution with our FreeSWITCH custom development services.

FreeSWITCH solution development is popular because of unique features and robust nature of this platform. Some of the amazing features available in this software are listed below:

– Supports thousands of concurrent calls per second (CPS)

– Interoperability with different protocols

– Supported shared line appearance

– Default features of PBX

– Default features of Softswitch

– Business application automation

– And more

We are expert in any type of FreeSWITCH development because in the past 12 years, we have developed hundreds of telephony solutions and applications. We are also expert in customizing telephony solutions. We have developed and we have been managing version releases of the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH, which offers an array of telephony and VoIP solutions. We are also active contributor of FreeSWITCH platform. We also sponsored FreeSWITCH conducted ClueCon Developers Conference Event 2022.