Faxing Solution (FoIP)

Faxing Solution (FoIP)

Key Utilities Of Faxing Solution (FoIP)

Introduce e-faxing for your staff or customers with the Faxing Solution. The FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) solution lets you take benefit of a comprehensive eFaxing system, also known as Fax Server Solution. It supports three different modes of virtual faxing:

Web to Fax

Fax to Email

Email to Fax

Key Benefits Of Faxing Solution (FoIP)

Web to Fax / Web2Fax:

  • Web based user panel
  • Customizable fax header
  • Upload text or file to send a fax
  • Real time rate status update (Please note: If the fax destination number prefix not allowed in your rate group then it will give an error)

Fax to Email / Fax2Email:

  • Completely integrated with the DID module
  • Fax forwarding to predefined email from purchased DID

Email to Fax / Email2Fax:

  • Configuration of fax email account for admin and reseller
  • Authentication by incoming email address
  • Send fax from email

Other Features:

  • Email notification on
  • Success
  • Failure
  • New fax receipt

Fax rating according to the assigned rate group similar to call rating

T.38 protocol support

PDF, Doc, Docx, JPEG, TIFF, file support to send fax via email to fax or web to fax

Integration with ASTPP

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