OpenSIPS consulting providers often recommend this platform for multiple reasons. This platform can be used to meet multiple requirements of a VoIP service provider or a VoIP business owner. There are 5 success methods that can help you leverage maximum returns for choosing OpenSIPs.

1. Connect with the right OpenSIPs consulting firm

You can handle OpenSIPs install the part on your own if you know how to use this platform more precisely. You need to know how to use this platform at its best. If you don’t know that, let the experts do the job.

From OpenSIPs install to the configuration of database, setting up the system, personalization, etc. can be done by your consulting firm.

2. Define the solution

OpenSIPs is a complete package that can provide a one-stop solution for a VoIP service provider to run his or her business. Some of the well known roles of this software are listed below:

  • Switch
  • Router
  • Gateway
  • Load balancer
  • Application server

You can build multiple solutions using this platform. But, you must use it more strategically. By discussing with your in-house experts or consultants, define the solution that you will build using this platform.

3. Define architecture 

A telephony solution built with this VoIP technology can be hosted on your on-premise servers or on the cloud. Cloud solutions have more scalability and they can help you leverage the advantages of rapid scalability. For example, if you are building OpenSIPS billing software, then hosting it on the cloud to cater to thousands of concurrent calls handled by multiple vendors each passing second can be easier even when there are more than expected calls to handle. 

4. Optimize for performance

This platform is a great load balancer and you must take advantage of this characteristic to enjoy high SLA for uptime. OpenSIPS database speed can be 25% faster than other databases. 

To enjoy these benefits, you must optimize the performance of the software.

5. OpenSIPs SBC must setup

OpenSIPS can work as a well protected wall at the initiation of each and every session if you build OpenSIPs SBC using this platform. It sits on the border of each packet transmitted to ensure higher security. To ensure you leverage high success for choosing it, you must build and deploy SBC.


Traditionally launched as OpenSER, is popular as one of the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) proxies. OpenSIPS stands for Open Session Initiation Protocol Server. It is an open source VoIP solution, which is available under GPL (General Public License).

OpenSIPs is not just SIP server or SIP proxy, but they can be used in multiple other aspects of making a VoIP project successful. You must use it at its maximum potential to leverage the highest advantages. 

Your firm can help you define solutions that can be built using this platform. They will also define cluster, load balancing models, and SBC to help you lock success for choosing this platform.

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