Traditionally, call centers used to provide customer service only if customers explicitly contact a call center and request customer support. Traditional call center solutions with standard features were sufficient to handle the customer support request. However, scenarios have changed quite a bit now due to multiple factors such as vicious competition. Call centers have to walk a step ahead to build and maintain a strong customer relationship. The Omnichannel call center solution is the solution that needs to be used to work upon proactive customer relation management by engaging with clients and prospects.

How to engage clients and prospects in a proactive relationship?

There are multiple ways to build a proactive customer support team to not only deliver a jaw-dropping customer experience, but also to enhance customer experience.

1. Use omnichannel call center solution

Gone are the days when any of the on-premise VoIP solutions could be used to deliver customer support. But, now specific software for contact centers is available. Even in the case of contact center software, it has to be omnichannel customer service software.

The omnichannel software solutions are perfect tools that can be used to connect with customers and prospects across all communication channels. If a customer connects via phone, the agent can engage with clients via WhatsApp or email.

2. Keep customers and prospects informed

Many businesses and VoIP service providers fail in winning customer trust because they don’t build a proactive customer relationship. To build proactive customer relationships, you need to continue winning the faith of your clients and for that, it is necessary to keep your clients aware of every major change such as:

  • Upcoming changes in payment terms
  • System maintenance schedule
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • And more

You can use a voice broadcast system integrated into the Contact Center Software Solution to reach and inform all clients and prospects about changing policies and other facts without involving agents. This will keep a proactive and positive touch with customers and prospects without affecting productivity.

3. Know what your customers adore

Your existing clients represent your future buyers as well. Your customer service and sales strategies can be defined by analyzing the data of your existing clients. For example, use reports available in call center solutions to identify customer behavior patterns and define a successful strategy for proactive customer relationship building. You can also run surveys and feedback collection campaigns. It will let you directly connect with your clients to interact and engage with them, plus, you can make them feel valued.


Typical customer support is no more the key to successful customer success management. Typical sales campaigns run using software for contact centers cannot help in rising sales ratio. To combat fierce competition and rising customer demands, using the approach of proactive customer relation building with customers and prospects can help you capture the market. The omnichannel software solutions can play a pivotal role in empowering call centers for building proactive customer relations.

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