IVR system is available as an individual software solution. Moreover, it is part of multiple VoIP calling software. It is an important system and functionality. If you are thinking of buying an IVR system, you must get the best one. Here will share the important factors that you must consider if you are going to select an IVR system or an IVR feature.

1. Personalization

The most important thing in this software is that it must be easy to personalize. You should get options to customize the IVR menus, voice prompts, IVR levels, etc.

2. GUI based use

The IVR system needs some manual changes when you will need to personalize the menu, voice prompts, etc. For this, it is necessary to have a GUI-based panel in your IVR system, so with a simple click and use functionality, you can make the required changes in the IVR menu.

3. Text to speech converter

You will need to create voice prompts to change the IVR menu. If you hire a professional voice artist, it would become quite expensive. The solution here is to buy an IVR system that provides a text-to-speech converter. This will help you transform your written text into voice files, which can be used as IVR voice prompts.

4. Conversational IVR

It is part of artificial intelligence-driven changes that are getting implemented in the VoIP calling software. Conversational IVR removes a major concern of customers of talking to a machine. It enhances customer experience and it is going to be the next big thing.

5. Predictive IVR

This is also one of the features introduced by AI. It can predict the user behavior and based on that customize the IVR menu. This can help deliver a more personalized experience to customers. It is also amazing in enhancing the user experience.

6. Outbound IVR

Many people have been considering that the best IVR system is the one that supports human-like voice prompts and uncomplicated navigation. This is true, but there is much more to look for while selecting an IVR system. Usually, an IVR gets used, whether it is in the best VoIP calling software or the best IVR system, only to attend incoming calls, but it can also be used to run outbound IVR campaigns. It is possible only if you have outbound IVR functionality. Therefore, while selecting an IVR system, you need to make sure that your IVR system supports both inbound and outbound IVR functionalities.

7. Reports

It is another factor to check while selecting an IVR system. It will show important data and key performance indicators (KPIs). This will help in identifying the areas that can be improved to enhance customer experience. For example, if an IVR menu has some levels that are repeated by customers, then those levels need to be simplified for easy understanding. Many other actions can be taken to improve the customer experience.