An inbound call center often runs campaigns related to customer care and customer support. They may also handle inbound inquiries. The companies that have an inbound call center often use an IVR system or call center software to attend calls automatically. With any of these solutions, using SIP dialer software is a must. 

SIP dialer software can be either a mobile SIP dialer or a PC dialer. Usually, inbound call centers use a PC dialer, which is also known as a Softphone.

There are many advantages of using this VoIP calling software in an inbound call center. We will cover the top 5 benefits in this article.

1. Empower agents to have a call

An inbound call center needs to attend to customer calls. A call center software solution itself does not support two-way calling. Of course, the best call center software has many features to offer, but for calling, SIP dialer software is needed. Thus, a major advantage of this software is enabling calling for agents.

2. Work from anywhere

Usually, customers contact an inbound call center, when they seek to support. Thus, it is necessary to deliver the required support, at least during working hours. The SIP dialer software supports mobility and therefore, it lets agents of an inbound call center attend calls from anywhere. We all are aware of the situation caused by COVID 19. Even during similar uncertain times, this VoIP calling software assures uninterruptible operations for an inbound call center.

3. Cost-saving

Another major advantage of using this software in an inbound call center is cost savings. It uses SIP lines for calling, which is way cheaper, compared to traditional telephony lines. Moreover, similar to other VoIP calling software, it is a software solution. Thus, the cost of maintenance and management is way cheaper than landline or IP phones.

4. Simplified management

As mentioned earlier, it follows the same principle as other VoIP calling software. It is a software solution. Thus, it doesn’t need a physical space on the desk of inbound call center agents. It will be installed on the computer or smartphone of agents. Therefore, there will not be hardware, wiring, and other mess. This will make management easier for an inbound call center.

5. Higher security

When you use a SIP dialer software solution with your call center software or IVR system, it will be more secure than its alternatives. It will operate from your private network and it will follow all security mechanisms installed by your call center software providers. Moreover, SIP lines often have encryption. All this will make your communication using this VoIP calling software more secure.


These are the top 5 benefits of using SIP dialer software for your inbound call center. There are many more advantages of using this VoIP calling software with the best call center software

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