If you are running a customer care center using the best call center software, you can use cross-selling and upselling techniques to generate more ROI (Returns over Investment). The transition from sole functioning of customer care center to sales generating center would seem challenging, but it is not as difficult as it seems to be.


  • You don’t need to run cold calling campaigns to generate leads. You already have leads, you just need to nurture them to cross-sell or up-sell.
  • You don’t need to change your call center software. Unlike earlier, when an inbound call center solution was used for customer care and an outbound call center solution was used for sales campaigns, now the same software can be used for all types of campaigns.

While starting a new way of life in a contact center by shifting from service center to sales center, you can follow the below-mentioned approach:

1. Coach agents

Even if the same call center dialer software will be used to run sales campaigns, some agents may find it difficult to sell if they have expertise in customer care. It is necessary to assure your agents sound confident and use the best call center software at its best. Give the required training and coaching to agents to be confident and use all features of the outbound call center solution at its best.

2. Research about the client before pitching

It is necessary to know a customer before pitching them any product or service. Some call center solutions offer a preview dialer as one of the features. This feature shows a preview of the customer before initiating a call. This gives enough information about a customer to the agent right before the call. The agent can take time in understanding the client, existing products in use by the customer, buying journey, and cross-selling opportunities within the call center dialer software. Once the agent is ready to pitch the client, he or she can initiate the call.

3. Build a strong customer relationship

Just because a customer has been using your service for many years, it doesn’t mean he or she would be ready to buy something else you are proposing. It is possible to cross-sell or upsell other products to an existing client only if you have a positive relationship with that customer. Using different features available in the contact center solutions, agents can build a strong and positive relationship with customers, so when agents propose something, they would feel confident and the customer would be more considerate.

Concluding notes

A shift from a service-based contact center to sales based center would not be way too easy, but it is also not way too difficult with the right call center software and the right approach. The right training and morale-boosting to agents can give the required kickoff to this shift. Building a strong customer relationship can help in getting more sales to increase agent productivity and morale even further to make the shift smooth.

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