Consistent customer experience across all communication channels is necessary for any business. This has increased the popularity of different VoIP calling software. One of the most important systems used in delivering a consistent customer experience is the best call center software with omnichannel communication support. Here we will discuss about the qualities to choose the right omnichannel contact center software.

As multiple call center software providers offer an omnichannel call center solution, we have jotted down the top qualities that you must look for to choose the right omnichannel call center dialer software.

1. Omnichannel customer experience

The reason to choose an omnichannel solution from the available options of contact center solutions is definitely to deliver a consistent customer experience across all different communication channels. This is possible only if the software supports the integration of all communication channels, which include:

  • Voice calling
  • SMS
  • Chat
  • Email
  • WhatsApp
  • Help desk ticketing solution and
  • Social media

2. Integration capabilities

Usually, the omnichannel call center solutions offered by the best call center software providers are flexible enough to let you integrate third-party solutions. However, some contact center solutions support the integration of only selected systems. This can cause challenges and increase dependencies as you would have with hosted call center solutions. Thus, it is necessary to choose an omnichannel call center solution that supports integration with any third-party software or APIs.

3. Scalability

As omnichannel communication is supported in your call center software, the volume may get distributed across different communication channels. Still, with time, the increase in clientele and request volumes will increase. Your call center dialer software has to be highly scalable to support your business growth.

4. Security

A majority of contact center solutions support a very basic form of security and this can cause multiple business threats for anyone using this software. As in an omnichannel call center solution, you would use multiple third-party integrations to add different communication channels in the software; it is likely to increase security concerns. Thus, look for fraud detection and other high-level security modules in the call center software that you are considering buying. 

5. Analytics and reports

There would be hardly any call center dialer software that would not provide any report. All call center solutions offer an array of reports to the supervisors and admin. What changes with an omnichannel call center solution is that it offers communication channel-wise reports in addition to the standard reports. Make sure all channel-wise reports are available in your software.


Omnichannel contact center solutions are popular for their versatility to serve customers across all types of communication channels. This has increased the demand and the need for this software. With all similar appearing options offered by different call center software providers, it becomes challenging qualities to choose right Omnichannel Contact Center Software. However, following the best practices mentioned in this article can come to your rescue to choose the best call center software with omnichannel communication support. Make sure from omnichannel communication channels to a security module, channel-wise reports, flexibility for integration, and high scalability are basic qualities to look for in the software you are considering.

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