Inextrix has always taken pride in contributing to the growth and development of the country with its innovative and on-time solutions. Today, we are glad to share about our app which is specifically developed in the goodwill of Ahmedabadis / Amdavadis. The app is called MEGA app and it is already in the leading play stores with more than 1000 downloads. This app is an informative app for the Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro Train. As our honorable prime minister is going to inaugurate this awaited project today, on 4th March, this is the time to get your MEGA app, if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, will inaugurate the Metro Rail project in Ahmedabad by traveling 6.5 KMs of journey in the Metro train. It is delighting news for all of us that Metro rail is ready and its work is finished in certain parts of Ahmedabad city.

What is MEGA – Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro Rail App App?

It is a mobile application developed to provide full view of the Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro train. The app provides all required information a metro train traveler in Ahmedabad would ever seek for. The features of the app will help citizens and tourists in Ahmedabad to plan their journey and make it delighting. Now, one doesn’t need to ask someone at the station or on the information desk about the details related to the Metro train in Ahmedabad as all information is available at your fingertips and for free. This app is a boon for any local Metro traveler as well as it has features to contribute to the growing tourism industry in Ahmedabad by providing the required information in a jiffy to the tourists and that as well in a techsavvy manner.

Key Features of MEGA – Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro Rail App

Route Information

One can find the metro train routes between journey start station and journey end station. One can get information of all different routes planned by the Metro.

In-between Route Information

This helps in giving the detail view of the Ahmedabad Metro Train journey. After adding start and destination stations, one can receive information about fare, travel distance, approximate time of journey, etc. It also gives information about the train change over and relevant routes, if needs to be done to reach the destination from the start station.

Nearest Metro Station

One can get information about the nearest metro station and distance in Kilometers from his / her location. It is a GPS based feature which helps one find the station from one’s location.

Station Information

The app has information about all the stations on different routes of Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro Train. Once a station is selected, all information related to the station will be showcased such as, First train time, Last train time, Platforms, Gates, Parking and Feeder service, Nearby tourist attractions and more.


The Gallery displays pictures of major tourist attractions in Ahmedabad at the moment and once the Metro train gets launched for commercial use by the common people, the gallery will also get pictures of the stations and trains.


It shows a list of the top tourist spots in Ahmedabad. After selection of any one tourist destination, one can get more information related to the tourist destination such as, its type, brief info as well as details of Nearest Metro Station, Distance from nearest metro station, etc.


This app is absolutely free to download and use. We are glad that the Metro train project is getting launched today. You can start exploring more information about the Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro Train, its routes, stations, etc. through the MEGA – Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro App.

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