Keeping the definition in this article for something simple and of practical concern, VoIP can be defined as the method of transmitting voice packets over the internet protocol network. It not only transmits voice over an internet connection, but all other multimedia, too. You just need to have a stable internet connection.

The in-process includes the encapsulation of voice packets at both ends of the receiver and the transmitter or sender. This service is also available as VoIP desktop phones as well as WebRTC enabled browsers.

On the other-hand SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and it is considered as the building block of VoIP. Along with this, a number of signalling protocols are used sideways.  The Mobile SIP Dialer works well with other protocols that are specified with the media.

The mobile SIP dialer is nothing, but a mobile application that makes calls using the VoIP system. Since it is compatible with both the types of transmission that are, unicast as well as multicast, it supports high-quality video conferencing. It is capable of transmitting a single piece of information to a wide number of people at the same time. This property of SIP makes it usable for the customer care call center where a single recorded message or voice clip can be transmitted to a number of recipients simultaneously. This service of the telecommunication has made it reasonable for the need in mass communication. The automated voice you hear during a voice assistant service at a customer care, that all is pre-fetched and is supposed to reduce the human labour work.

It is found to be practiced in almost every field making it easy for the service providers. The mobile SIP dialer has been found to replace the traditional desk phone system as well as the IP phones. It can be easily made available to the users as anyone can simply get it on the internet with being paid for it. One just needs to create an account in the SIP software and the user can add a number of recipients at a time. The system requirements are considerably less increasing the user accessibility. Just a stable internet connection with a considerable system configuration will be enough to make a decent connection of the internet. It can be seen in many regions of operation such as, business, academics, medical health care and many more. Easy video tutorials can be cast to a number of professionals using these service protocols.

Summing up things, with the advancement in technology, particularly in the telecommunication aspect, it has successfully managed to bring people closer and VoIP and mobile SIP dialers are major contributors in advancement in telecommunication to bring people closer.

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