Are SIP and WebRTC different or the same? What's the Better?

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Are SIP and WebRTC different or the same


WebRTC has been a new buzzword in the VoIP industry. Each WebRTC development company from different nooks and corners of the world introduces new web based real time communication solutions using this technology. Even you can find WebRTC SIP.js developers that amalgamate the power of SIP and WebRTC into one platform. This makes people more curious about this technology and more and more VoIP development companies and technology lovers have started examining this platform. 

There are many businesses interested in WebRTC app development and get confused between SIP and WebRTC due to several similarities held by the phenomenon of WebRTC and SIP. This causes a puzzling question in the minds of many, which we will cover in this article. 

Are SIP and WebRTC different or the same? 

If you need a straight answer, then the answer is, yes, both are two different technologies or concepts used by the top VoIP development companies to build the top real time communication tools. 

Similarities between SIP and WebRTC 

Both WebRTC and SIP have multiple similarities, which confuse people and even some aspiring VoIP developers that want to use these technologies to build smart VoIP solutions. 

  • The first similarity between both of them is they are used to create communication and collaboration solutions. Different types of communication and collaboration solutions can incorporate SIP and/or WebRTC to carry out communication. 
  • Both are used to run real time communication. They are responsible to let one to one calls or one or many and many to many conferences happen. 
  • Both can support multiparty communication. 

Differences between SIP and WebRTC 

Major Differences Between WebRTC and SIP

The fundamentals of SIP and WebRTC are the same, but what makes them different for any WebRTC development company are their other characteristics. Following are the major differences between WebRTC and SIP: 

  • SIP is a leading protocol used in several communication tools like a call center solution, IP PBX solution, live call monitoring solution, mobile SIP dialer, etc. to establish a real time connection for communication. Unlike that, WebRTC is a web based real time communication technology and it needs a protocol to establish communication. Of course, it can carry out real time communication and collaboration, but it needs to be supported to establish the connection between communicating parties. 
  • SIP supports limited communication mediums such as voice, instant messaging, and some videos. Unlike that WebRTC app development can cover a wide variety of communication channels, including voice, video, chat, file share, screen share, and more. 
  • SIP based communication tools need an added tool like a mobile SIP dialer or a PC dialer to support communication. On the other hand, WebRTC SIP.js developers can build standalone applications and solutions that bypass the need for an added SIP Softphone solution. This actually makes the lives of many users easier and reduces expenses. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, even if both WebRTC and SIP may hold multiple similarities and may appear similar, there are major differences between both of these VoIP technologies. Taking the help of the right VoIP development company can help you leverage the real power of SIP and WebRTC. 

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