Augmented reality (AR) has the power to intensify the real sports world. The combination of AR technology with sports is a unique blend that is helping to transform the user experience in sports. AR has made a great impact on the sports industry already. During the live telecast of a cricket match, you may have seen the virtual lines or curves of different colors shown on television for tracking the movement of the ball. This is just the basic use of AR in sports. Businesses in AR app development have created and launched several AR sports apps to keep the users engaged with the use of mobile phones, AR gaming headset, AR smart glasses, and virtual 3D projections.

As the sports industry has millions of viewers worldwide, augmented reality has the ability to transform the way people view sports.

Benefits of using AR technology in sports

1) Adding the wow element to the experience of sports fans

AR technology makes the visualization of various sports and games more exciting and entertaining for the fans. Whether you are watching the cricket world cup final sitting on the sofa at home along with your family or you are in the stadium cheering for your favorite team, AR is sure to add the wow effect and leave you with some jaw-dropping experiences. All this is possible by making use of AR development services offered by top AR app development companies.

2) Sports broadcasting

There are many sports fans who love to watch the live telecast of the matches on television sitting at home. Although these fans don’t get the same experience as someone who is actually watching the match live in a stadium, the viewers sitting at home can enjoy the matches with exciting commentary, 3D animations, 3D footages, ball tracker and many such features. All this is possible with the use of AR technology, which helps to improve the fans’ engagement and keeps them glued to their television sets with a sport augmented reality app development.

3) Sports training for players

In today’s time, sports athletes take their fitness and performance very seriously. They are constantly in search of developing and learning new skills and techniques in order to beat the opposition on the ground.

This can be made possible by using AR technology while watching live videos. Augmented Reality helps to overlay pictures, data, charts, graphs, etc. over live videos of the training sessions. The performance of the athletes can be analyzed in real-time using the 3D imaging technology offered by AR. Using this technology, the players will be able to get a real-time update on the shots they are hitting, the distance traveled by the ball or for that matter the speed with which they are releasing the ball. Do you know many AR app development companies have come up with AR markers that are placed on the ball? These markers are in synchronization with the AR app using which the actual movements of the ball can be tracked in practice sessions.

4) Defining the future of the stadium

Merging of AR with 3D projection mapping has left many audiences in awe. For example, the fans just need to download the AR app which might be launched by an AR app development company or another entrepreneur. This app can be used to view their favorite players’ statistics and information just merely by moving their mobile phones in the air over the images of the players. Augmented Reality has the capability to bring statistics and virtual data to audiences in the stadium, similar to what they would see on television if they are watching the matches at home.

5) Sports advertisements and marketing

We all know that the sports industry has millions of fans and viewers across the globe which makes it a favorable platform for advertising and promotions, even more so with the integration of AR technology in sports. Because of its gripping and interactive nature, the AR app keeps the fans engaged in the advertisements during the match, thus stimulating sales. A well developed AR app can also help to capture information about viewers. Implementing AR in sports will make every advertisement and promotion on the ground and television look exciting.

Augmented reality is on the verge of unleashing its full potential towards creating a revolution in the sports industry, both for the fans, players as well as stakeholders.

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