VoIP technology is commonly used in all walks of life in today’s world. Even if you are unaware of what a mobile SIP dialer is or how it functions, there are chances that you have already used it somewhere or the other in your life. The mobile SIP dialer has become a revolution in the field of telecommunication globally.

What is the mobile SIP dialer?

The mobile SIP dialer is an app developed for Android and iPhone users which enables them to make voice calls globally using an internet connection. Because of its simplicity, wide access and uninterrupted communication, it is used by small businesses, large Corporates and SME’s. It is even used by many at an individual level. The mobile SIP dialer app makes use of VoIP technology for making and answering calls. It is also popularly known as VoIP mobile dialer, softphone and SIP dialer. It functions as a SIP client and can be used in unison with any VoIP solution.

Pros for using the mobile SIP dialer

Since the SIP dialer is based on VoIP technology, it facilitates advanced communication at a low price.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons for using the SIP dialer:

1) More than just a voice calling app

In addition to allowing the users to make voice calls, the SIP dialer supports SMS messaging, video calling, conference calls, and file transfer. The users also get access to other features like call recording, phonebook, call transfer, the last call redial, call logs, call history and many others. This makes the mobile SIP dialer a complete communication solution for users.

2) Ease of use

The mobile SIP dialer is an app that is extremely simple to use. Because of its user-friendly interface, even a common person who has no technical knowledge can use it.

3) Lower communication cost

The prime reason why people are switching over to VoIP technology from the traditional telephony system is that it is cost effective. The mobile SIP dialer can be downloaded from any app store for free. The app to app calling is free and app to other number calling is also priced at reasonable rates. If a business opts for a white label solution, they just need to make a one-time investment for it, after which they can use the app as a part of their VoIP service. Also, the app reduces the cost of international calling significantly.

4) Ubiquitous nature

The mobile dialer follows you wherever you go. Whether you are on international trips or out of the office, you can stay connected with your contacts. This is also beneficial for remote workers and teams of any business organization who can stay connected from any part of the world.

5) Dual role

Many businesses and enterprises use the mobile SIP dialer for making internal communication between employees and for communication with customers. This helps businesses to save a lot of money.

Hence, because of its simplicity, user-friendly nature, cost efficiency and flexibility, the mobile SIP dialer is all set to become the future of all business communications.

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